Events are occurrences in Psychological which define each dream from another. They can range significantly and more abnormal ones will appear as the player gains insanity.

Name of Event Description Level of Abnormality Locations
Street Fight A Street Fight between 2 Human NPCs. Normally it will end either with one being injured or both being somewhat bruised. It is one of the most common events in the scenario "Your Friend's Compound" Low Your Friend's Compound
Power Cut Occasionally the power may stop and lights turn off in the scenario "Your Friend's Compound". Low Your Friend's Compound
Bear chasing NPCs A Bear may chase an NPC inside the forest. There are two outcomes, the victim escaping and living another day or the victim being eaten by the bear. Low Grassy Plains
Fissures A Fissure occurs when an earthquake is quite severe. The fissures are made in the ground during the earthquake. Slight Anywhere with Earthquakes
Floating Island A Floating Island is a mass of land detached from the ground which floats in the sky. They appear later in the game when the player is more insane and deranged. High Grassy Plains

Your Friend's Compound

Moving Portraits Some Portraits or Posters on the walls may move as if the people on them are alive. This usually happens when the player becomes more insane. High Mental Asylum

Your Friend's Compound

Hallucinations Sometimes, the player may hallucinate and see an image from any past event for a fraction of a second and sight may become blurred. At points where the player is more insane they may see mirages of soldiers or any Reality Mode NPCs. High Any

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