Psycho Limit is a 2D platformer for the Nintendo 3DS. The player takes control of a girl which has psychokenisis abilities. It has been developed by eSpi Studios and published by Nintendo. The game's release date is late 2014.


Sabrina is an average high-schooler, when one day she meets with a witch that curses her. However, a fairy protects Sabrina turning the curse into an ability for her, giving her the powers of psychokenesis. However, the power comes at a cost, she can't use much of it, if she does, she quickly loses her humanity, becoming an uncontrollable spectro. The witch gets mad at the fairy for uncursing Sabrina and sends her army to defeat the fairy. The fairy sends Sabrina to stop the witch and her army.


Psycho Limit is a 2D platformer, similar to games such as Super Mario Bros., Kirby's Adventure and many others. The player takes control of Sabrina, a girl who can uses psychokenisis. She can move around objects and take control of small enemies, however that power comes with a limit, if she overuses it, she will become an unstoppable creature, which results in a game over. There's a limit bar on the HUD showing how much she can use before becoming the creature. She can use the Sound Stones to keep her calm and making the bar decrease.

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