Psycho by drebbles
art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Date of Birth January 14th
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Mallory, her position, doing her job, earning respect from others, controlling others, getting complimented
Failing to do her job, those who don't obey her, contact with kapok material, the children that ruin her life
Height 7'02"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
The Psycho (Wexley Stquse) is one of Mallory's most trusted workers and a driving force in her army, being both a massiah and a renowned scientist. She both lures people into a fake religion centering around Queen Mallory with her hypnotic powers and works on machines relating to time travel and outer space. Due to her versatile abilities, she is a high ranking member in Mallory's forces and is well guarded by the lesser ranks. She profits massively off her job and enjoys working in it, and will work towards her goals with patience and love. With thousands of followers under her reign in the horrible future she emerges from, she is seen as a very strong threat by Scotch and other members of his team, and is treated with the utmost respect due to her competence compared to Mallory's other comrades Snickers and Glain.

The Psycho created a time machine so she could send herself into the past and hunt down the children she had been looking for, for they ruined a magic show that was intended to capture them all one-by-one. These children mean a lot to her as they bear powers that could be used to bring down Mallory under the proper usage. She also got many of her followers in the past to build a time machine of their own so they could link to the Mallory of the future and get thousands of followers from the bad future into the present-time Lifts, causing widespread chaos that her worst enemies had to try and stop nearly by themselves as many of the present-time characters had been captured and enslaved. It is implied that she goes out into hiding with Xtise, her brother, after the events of The Children Program: Generation Z.

Her enemies are primarily Asimi, Charmine, Dusty, Alex (ZL), and the other children featured prominently in The Children Program: Generation Z.


The Psycho is an upright, stable person that suffers little or no mental flaws that would interrupt her state of mind. She is very focused on her goals and shares little interest in social communication with her followers or even her queen, instead liking to shout the majority of her vocabulary out at her opponents and confidently talk about her plans without slipping anything vital or fatal out. She is always very aware of what she is doing and takes many risks just to get closer to her goal, always confident that nothing can screw up as she is always ahead of the game. Any screwups, however, will cause her to go rampant and lash out with great vigor, especially as a last resort, fitting her Dusty-coined nickname "Psycho". She prefers to be called "Wexley", but the others won't listen to her at all.

Relationships with other characters


Mallory treats the Psycho with great respect due to her admiration and dedication to the queen's cause, and trusts her the most out of any individual on the planet. She also has some sort of secret lust for the Psycho that she has little room for due to all the plans on her mind. In return, the Psycho sees her as a fair and lovable person, completely unaware of the majority of Mallory's past or her affiliations with other people in the Lifts. Every day, the Psycho bows to her, and also does so before each fight. Neither is mad at the other if they screw up.



  • Some of the concepts of Psycho were brought from the old Lapis character "Leper Messiah" (page not available).