Psychic is Mewtwo's Side Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. Mewtwo outstretches his arm disabling any character or item a few feet in front of him, using his psychic powers, in the air. The target is covered by a light blue aura as long as Mewto keeps them disabled. This is done by holding the attack button pressed. Once disabled, the player can input a direction in which Mewtwo will move the opponent, and even bring the target close to him to execute his attack easier. Mewtwo can also throw the opponent away from him, dealing damage, by inputing the direction key rapidly. Mewtwo can still move while performing this move. It is mostly used for various techniques, rather than a normal attack, although it still does damage and knockback.
Mewtwo Psychic


Caught opponents can still break free from Mewtwo's Psychic if held for too long or by button mashing.


Pokémon Generation I

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