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Psyche - Fractal

A Psyche's Lock

A Psyche is the manifestation of negative emotions, repressed emotions or memories one wants to forget. They are creatures that can be summoned within a special vacuum known as the Abric. Psyches hold the power to use certain special skills, which can be classified into one of seven types named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins from Abrahamic Lore.

Psyches can be summoned through a Psyche's Lock, a token that, when broken, will release the Psyche from within the holder. Once the Psyche has been "Unbound" - the user's mental state has improved and they have accepted their self - their second Psyche - their Locked Psyche - is unlocked, and the two can be switched between.

Psyches act as major plot devices in Fractal.


Fractal Type 2
Fractal Type 3
Fractal Type 1
Fractal Type 4
Fractal Type 5
Fractal Type 6
Fractal Type 7
Envy, Greed, Karma, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath

List of Psyches

Fractal Type 1
SinlessDevil Shattered

Sinless is a Karma-based Psyche, and the default Psyche held by Kan Seuomto. Sinless uses various fire-based tactics, a reference to his demon-like appearance. Sinless is a small red demon-like creature with two large rounded ears that end in a single point. He has large black eyes and stout arms that end with human-like hands. Sinless has a short tail shaped similar to an "S", and long flat feet.

Fractal Type 7

Smile is a Wrath-based Psyche and the Locked Psyche held by Kan. Smile has a variety of attacks spanning the seven different sin types. He appears to be a large yellow circle decorated with a black, smiling face. Black liquid, ink, drips from his ever-smiling mouth while grey tentacles spew out from underneath him. He is the most offensive of the Psyches available, though lacks speed.

Fractal Type 5

Moyan is a Pride-based Psyche held by Anna Biscuit. Moyan is one of the fastest Unlocked Psyches, making him a great defensive dodger. Moyan is a grey figure, consisting of a slim grey body, a similar circular head with no face though topped with spiky red hair. His arms and legs are connected by think blue limbs. Moyan is capable of learning physical-based skills.

Fractal Type 5

Thunderr is a Pride-based Locked Psyche held by Anna. Thunderr is the fastest Psyche in the game. Thunderr is a quick physical attacker who is also capable of learning electric-based attacks. Thunder is a golden creature with a pig-like snout and black zig-zagging patterns across his body. He has long lightning bolt-shaped ears protruding from his head, which looks similar to both his tail and left arm.

Fractal Type 2
Olarx X

Olarxx is an Envy-based Psyche and the Unlocked Psyche held by Ella. Olarx is a defensive Psyche, who can create energy shields out of thin air to defend himself. Olarxx is a shadow being who wears a purple mask with red cones around his golden eyes.

Fractal Type 3

Krammar is a Greed-based Psyche with a metallic exterior and the Locked Psyche held by Ella. Krammar wields a sword, which boosts her offensive power, making her a tank-like Psyche who attacks at a slow rate.

Fractal Type 4

Ellen is a Lust-based Psyche taking a dog-like appearance, and Ethan's Unlocked Psyche. While she looks like a basic dog, she actually is able to use ice-based attacks, and a quick Psyche at that.

Fractal Type 5

Oshtyo is a mysterious Pride-based Psyche and Ethan's Locked Psyche. Unlike Ellen, who uses ice-based attacks, Oshtyo's attacks hold a dark power, though retains some of her ice-based attacks.

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