The Psions are a Kresthitan tribe, and the first known community on Aeo to develop psionic, or psychic, abilities. Although the tribe was believed to be wiped out in 5BFC after they refused to unite with the other tribes, remnants remained and began to form new communities in Marais, Aelai and Aereus.

Many psionic users who are not descended from the original tribe members still identify themselves as Psions.


The Psions had been living as a tribe under a different name until 800BFC, when they all simultaneously unlocked their latent psychic abilities (a process known as Illumination), an event which is believed to be the work of Alrarl. The tribe took on the new name of the Psions, and used their powers to greatly increase their personal standing amongst the tribes.

In 5BFC, when the other tribes had begun to consider uniting and forming their own nation, the Psions refused to give up their position of power which sparked a conflict between them and the other tribes. The end result was the tribe being all but destroyed, and the surviving Psions forced to flee or secretly integrate into other tribes.


A large number of Psions who had been in hiding in Kresthita relocated to Aelai from 600-610FC. The Psions are one of the factions in the game for the Slave to Fate to interact with, and potentially join. They are opposed to the Kresthitans, Fox Agents and the Scirevicis Academy, and remain neutral to the Elf and Orc conflict (although they can be convinced to support one side or the other).

Blood Trance

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