Proto's Cool Fighting Game for People
Developer(s) PulseLogoMY
Platform(s) PC
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Editor
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party / Fighting

Proto's Cool Fighting Game for People is a party fighting game, based around the Super Smash Bros series. There is an online Community Studio where characters, stages, movesets and more can be posted and rated by the community.


A large part of the game is that all (excluding DLC) characters are created by the players. The player chooses the species, color palette, model, moveset and other details of the character. The player can create their own roster and download characters from the Community Studio.


By default, there is a handful of generic stages with environmental backdrops (plains, desert, sky, factory, etc). A stage editor is included, with custom tilesets and backdrops.

Community StudioEdit

The Community Studio is a database where players can upload player made things (seen in the list below). The Community Studio is semi-moderated by the community, but mostly by moderators. Moderators approve submissions to be rated and downloaded by the community.

The Community Studio allows characters, models, movesets, stages, tilesets, backdrops, copyright-free music, combos, and HUD changes. There is an uploading delay of 24 hours for the uploader between uploads to prevent spam.