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Propane, the overly scared adventurer.
Full Name Propane
Current Age 17
Date of Birth  ????
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Fire Elf
First Appearance Doodleland 6
Latest Appearance Little Big Doodleland 4
Family and Relations
Bob (Friend)

Propane is an character in the Doodleland series. He appears as an easily scared character, and is the only character in the show to be drawn differently. He is revealed to be Fire Elf in Little Big Doodleland 4.


He is an easily frightented character who is extremely gullible. As such, he gets himself into sitatuations that he never intended to be in but ended up being anyway. He also feels uncomfrotable around girls and strangers, and is good friends with Bob.


He appears to wear an black and red hoodie, and has a black and red flaming head. The flames do not actaully put things on fire.

Other Appearances

He first appeared in Doodleland 6, and then appeared in all the sequels and spin-offs that came after.

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