"Prom Night"
Season 1, episode 15
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"City of Flames"
"Settling into Boltzmann"

Prom Night is the 15th episode in the first season of Fantendo Now. It is the 15th episode overall. It is also the last episode of Season 1.


Aurora and Robyn come to visit and Aurora teaches X-Ray how to play the guitar. Leah looses a bet and either must go to Reese's prom that night or have X-Ray go in her place, with Unten deciding.


Written by Exotoro

Rachel waits in a chair in anxious anticipation. Reese is also there, looking through something on his phone. Unten walks in and Rachel gets excited before slowly realizing it's not the person she's waiting for.

Unten: What are you waiting for?
Reese: Today is when Robyn and Aurora come over to visit.
Unten: Oh right, Boltzmann.
Rachel: I already prepared everything for her visit. Spaghetti for lunch... pretzel bun burgers for dinner...
Unten: All that's ready? Won't it go cold?
Rachel: Well, the spaghetti's done now, we're going to do the burgers later. Strafe said he would help grill those.
Reese: Wait, when could Strafe grill?
Rachel: He said Joseph showed him.
Unten: Ah. Say, what's that guy up to these days?
Rachel: I dunno, don't care. Don't you have anything special planned for your cousin, Reese?
Reese: Man... I just figured a welcome back hug would suffice. Say, do you think Leah would be willing to...
Unten: I don't think Leah's up to doing anything with you.
Reese: Right. I mean, especially not prom.
Rachel: Ugh, prom. Worst day of my life.
Unten: What happened?
Rachel: Something I really regret. I'd rather not go into details, if you don't mind.
Unten: Ok, I get it.
Rachel: Thank you. I mean, I don't mean to scare you, whatever happened at prom was my fault but still...

Rachel sighs deeply as the door knocks.

Rachel: That's got to be her!

Rachel opens the door to see Robyn and Aurora and hugs Robyn as Aurora walks into to hug her cousin. Unten stands awkwardly in the room.

Rachel: How's Boltzmann?
Robyn: Pretty good! I learned how to use all sorts of Galvan artifacts now... once I master them I can start going on adventures with you guys and I don't have to stay at Boltzmann all the time!
Unten: We don't really have "adventures", I would say...
Robyn: Wow, haven't seen you in a really long time!

Robyn walks over to Unten and measures herself against him. She's taller.

Unten: Hey!
Robyn: Don't sweat it, short stack. Anything been going on while I was gone?

Unten flashes back through the entire season.

Unten: Yeah... nothing really noteworthy.
Rachel: Aw come on, don't lie to her. What about that time... hm.
Robyn: Didn't you have to get surgery over the summer?
Rachel: Yes, I did. Motorcycle incident. All better now thanks to Leah.

Rachel looks at Unten who looks like he wants to die. Admittedly, she kind of wants to die too.

Unten: Speaking of Leah... where is that crazy cat anyway?

Aurora plucks a few strings of her guitar and starts singing.

Where is that crazy cat anyway?
Down in Norway?
Down by the shore
glimpsing ever more?
Beats on a drum
we hum.

Leah is at the hospital watching X-Ray play video games on her Gameboy. She looks around to see if there's anyone else around and opens up a suitcase before suddenly PalmMan comes in. She quickly shuts the suitcase.

Leah: Jesus christ, PalmMan, what the he-
PalmMan: We wanted to inform you there was going to be a picnic today. Somehow you never got an invite in your email.
Leah: Probably because Unten's set to spam...
PalmMan: Anyway, we figured you might not go but they sent me over anyway because what am I doing today?
Leah: Yeah you were right, I'm not going anywhere. Now shoo, I was in the middle of-
X-Ray: Sounds like a good idea! Always wanted to go on a picnic.

Leah laughs as she leans on PalmMan who seems annoyed.

Leah: Yeah, why not count me in too, huh?
PalmMan: You just said a second ago...
Leah: Well I still want you to shoo, but I'm going to the damn picnic now.
PalmMan: Alright, Miss L, see you later.

PalmMan shuts the door as Leah sits in silence. Then her eyes open wide up and she opens the door.


Unten sits on a bench talking to Rachel when suddenly Leah's ambulance crashes into an telephone pole. She cusses for a minute and then climbs up the hill.

Unten: I honestly didn't think she was coming. I thought the messages went to her spam folder.
Rachel: Me too... not that she would want to go anyway.

Leah opens up the passenger door and walks X-Ray out, who seems unshaken by the ordeal.

Unten: Oh, that explains it.
Rachel: You know, it's weird. You can't get her to do anything but X-Ray, who doesn't even have the stones in her body to say no to anything, can get her to do anything.
Unten: How far are we talking on "anything"?
Rachel: Remember the cow they had for like 3 weeks?
Unten: Oh yeah, Leah hates cows...
Rachel: But X-Ray wanted to save it so Leah tried to figure it out.
Unten: God, that place was rancid and the cow survived.
Rachel: Yep.

Leah climbs up the hill and passes by the two before immediately stepping back.

Leah: Ya'll weren't talking shit about me, right?
Unten: Wouldn't dream of it.
Rachel: Would not call you "submissive" in the slightest.
Leah: Good.

Leah walks up the hill as X-Ray follows, who waves at Unten and Rachel.

Rachel: X-Ray's too good for Leah.
Unten: The sad thing is that she probably doesn't even know.

Strafe is grilling hamburgers as Sakeena walks up to him with a notebook.

Strafe: Hey, what's up?
Sakeena: Not much. Listen... do you know if the meat was...
Strafe: Oh yeah.

Strafe slaps his head.

Strafe: I don't know how it was slaughtered.
Sakeena: No, that's fine! I think I can just have some of the salad or something.
Strafe: Jeez, I'm so sorry.
Sakeena: It's fine, it really is.

Sakeena walks away as Strafe rubs his head with his fingers. Denos walks over with Logi.

Strafe: Yeah, I know, it wasn't fine.
Logi: Oh, I don't care about that. I just want you to hurry up with the damn burgers.
Strafe: Shit, yeah, you're right!

Unten sits next to Rachel and Sakeena. Rachel is eating with Robyn and Sakeena sits at the end of the table, poking at the salad.

Unten: What, you don't like salad?
Sakeena: Nah it's just... Strafe said he was gonna make sure everything was halal.
Unten: Halal?
Sakeena: We've been living in the same house and you don't know what Halal is?
Unten: It's a food right?

Sakeena sighs deeply as she pokes at the salad again.

Unten: Guess I gotta look that up.

Unten spies Aurora and X-Ray talking.

Unten: Surprised Leah's not over there.
Leah: I'm up here, dumbass.

Unten looks up to see Leah in a tree with her empty plate in front of her. She's watching them through the scope of a sniper rifle.

Unten: LEAH!
Leah: It's not even loaded with bullets.

Leah dumps some of the "ammo" down, showing that it's just a bunch of needles.

Unten: Seriously Leah? Don't you think this is a bit far? Put the gun down.
Leah: Alright, but if anything happens to her...

Unten has a wickedly awful idea.

Unten: I can bet you that X-Ray's going to be fine.
Leah: You want to bet on X-Ray's life?
Unten: Well when you put it that way, yeah!
Leah: I dunno...
Unten: If something happens, uh...
Leah: Hmm... well you could give me the rest of that billion dollars you've been hoarding for god knows how long.
Unten: You realize you would have to give me a billion dollars in return if she ends up safe, right?
Leah: I ain't doing that.
Unten: Reese does need a date for prom...
Leah: Reese's prom date is a billion bucks?
Unten: Well I was thinking...
Leah: Yeah, what were you thinking, Haribo Blueberry?
Unten: Maybe you could be his prom date? He seems to like you.
Leah: Phh. Alright. Whatever.
Unten: Of course, I could always change it to be X-Ray. But you don't love her so... no skin off your back, right?
Leah: Yeah, sure... shake on it, stupid idiot.

Unten and Leah shake on it.

Aurora tells X-Ray how to play the guitar and even gives her a little song to sing.

Aurora: That's song you reserve for someone special.
X-Ray: So it goes something like this?
Your dream came true...
Is it to know out of the day,
that I was Uninvited but I...
Found a girl and you're...
Your dreams came true
Nothing compares
No worries
Aurora: Yeah, you got it. Really good too. You've got a great voice.

X-Ray smiles as Leah looks out from the bushes with Unten. Unten tries to get the binoculars from Leah but she just moves it away from him. Something wet drops down from her face.

Unten: Are you crying?
Leah: NO!

Leah wipes her tears under her eyes. Unten slightly frowns as he looks at his watch.

Unten: Party's over.
Leah: it's not.
Unten: Yeah, look, it's 4. We're done. Strafe's shut off the grill, we're taking off the tableclothes, we're done.
Leah: But that would mean I was wrong and we can't have that.
Unten: Sorry Leah, looks like you lost your bet.
Leah: No...

Unten shakes his head yes.

Leah: Goddamn it. Guess I better get ready for "prom" then.
Unten: You're not going to prom, silly.
Leah: But...
Unten: No, X-Ray is.
Leah: You bastard maniac! You!
Unten: Boy, somebody's not taking this well!
Leah: Stop acting so smug, you shitweed!
Unten: Finally, I have outsmarted the bear! I AM THE BEAR!

Unten does a victory dance as Leah scratches her face in agony.

Unten goes to X-Ray with Reese.

Unten: He would like to take you to prom.
Reese: Haaaa...

X-Ray looks up and nods.

X-Ray: Sure!

Unten leaves the room as Leah watches him with evil eyes, cleaning off a needle.

Unten: I can totally see you doing that... just so you know...

Leah whispers profanities as she puts away the needle. Unten rolls his eyes.

Unten is floating on top of the pool in some kind of pool chair. Rachel floats nearby. Robyn is swimming around.

Rachel: So you made a bet with Leah?
Unten: Won too.
Rachel: What did she have to do?
Unten: Well... terms were pretty flexible but I made it so that either her or X-Ray would have to go to prom with Reese. X-Ray is going to Reese to prom right now, I think.
Rachel: You know Leah's not gonna take that well, right?
Unten: Well that's why I did it.
Rachel: If this turns out bad, you know she's gonna try and murder you right?
Unten: Well, that's something I can probably risk, I suppose.
Rachel: I dunno if getting revenge on Leah after all the shit she's done to you is exactly something you want.
Unten: Well, I suppose it's not really, but the things I want...

Rachel looks at him and realizes exactly what he's talking about. Unten sighs as he puts his hands behind his head.

Unten: I want Zeon to come back, I want this dumb war to end, I want love... can't have any of it. Not without a lack of trying either...
Rachel: Oh.
Unten: ...Yeah.
Rachel: You're still not over Zeon, are you?
Unten: It's been like a year or so, right? Six was in the summer as was a lot of other things... then Halloween, Christmas happened... and now we're in the spring.
Rachel: Well, it's only been two or three seasons.
Unten: So much happened in that time that it's felt like a year to me. We're on the curtail of end of spring... summer's almost here again.
Rachel: I wonder what Leah's doing.

Reese and X-Ray are dancing and generally having a good time. Leah is on the iron beams close the ceiling, waiting to pounce if something goes wrong.

X-Ray: You're really good at dancing!
Reese: Thanks!

A man gets on stage.

Man: Last song.

Man drops off the stage as paramedics come to pick him up. Reese and X-Ray are shocked but start dancing for the last song, a slow song.

X-Ray: I'm going to be honest, it has been really fun with you.
Reese: Really?

Reese twirls X-Ray around and she returns with a smile on her face.

X-Ray: I mean, I didn't really think about it before but... maybe we should do more stuff together. You know, as a couple.
Reese: Oh?

Reese looks out the corner of his eye. He's know that Leah has been there since he got here. Leah notices him looking and scrams out, monkey style.

X-Ray: I mean, that's up to you. But... I like being around you, I do.
Reese: Yeah?

Reese twirls X-Ray around again.

X-Ray: So... what do you think? It's okay to say no.
Reese: I mean... I'd love to but...
X-Ray: I'm not difficult, I won't be.
Reese: I think someone else needs you more than me.

X-Ray's eyes open and then return back to normal.

X-Ray: Who?
Reese: You gotta be open-minded about this, okay? She's the funniest, realest, most honest person I've ever met. And I can't stop being in love with her. But she's crazy about you but she's too afraid to say it, and I don't know why. Whatever the reason is, she needs you more than I ever would. Do you know who I'm talking about? It's Leah.
X-Ray: Leah?
Reese: I know we just had this whole prom thing but I'm being 100% real here when I say that Leah would be happier with you than you and me.
X-Ray: I'll... think about it. I wasn't exactly sure she was interested in me, to be honest. She was dating someone else for a while and then they went all crazy but now that I think about it...

Leah sits on the steps of the school, looking kind of down. She hears the strumming of a guitar from afar. X-Ray approaches from the distance, singing.

Your dream came true...
Is it to know out of the day,
that I was Uninvited but I...
Found a girl and you're...
Your dreams came true
Nothing compares
No worries
Leah: That's the song Aurora taught you...
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
Get the wombat
And that your dreams
came true
And that your dreams
came true
Settle down
Dreams heard
Invited by your
Settle down
Dreams heard
And that your dreams
came true
And that your dreams
came true
Settle down
Dreams heard
Invited by your
Nothing compares
No worries
Get the wombat (X 17)

Tears leak out of Leah's eyes.

Heard that your
(you know how your)
Heard (now) that your
Taste it to know right of the (beg)
(un)invited but I
Found a girl and you're...
Your dreams came true
Nothing compares
No worries
And that your dreams
came true
And that your dreams
came true
Settle down
Dreams heard
Invited by your
Nothing compares
No worries
No worries
No worries
No worries
No worries
Nothing compares
No worries
Nothing compares
No worries
Nothing compares
No worries
Nothing compares...

X-Ray finishes the song as Leah comes over to hug her. X-Ray kisses her on the cheek. Reese can be seen in the distance, walking away, somewhat happy. He's given up a relationship that could happen and one that never would in one fell swoop. Leah looks around for Reese, but can't seem to find him in sight. Leah and X-Ray hold hands as they head back to the hospital, with Leah making a mental note to add Reese to her "no-kill" list.



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