Prologue game

Prologue is a umbrella game developed and distributed by Lightning Studios. It is the first installment of the Prologue series. This is a game for the Wii U and the Tourmaline.


The story is situated in a dark future of 2059, where a secret leader traps characters into a kind of prison, and they need to fight for freedom from that prison. When you defeated all the characters and escaped the prison, a new mode appears, the Team Mode.


The gameplay is tri-dimensional, but theres a 2D mode, which you can activate at the settings of the game. You play in 3D stages, the objective is to defeat the other characters to get out of one of the prison's rooms. The ''prisons'' are empty places in gray color with monitors. The monitors show the score and how much you and the other character are being damaged. When you are damaged, the screen flickers and the monitor flashes, showing how much damage you took. When the other character is damaged, the screen doesn't flickers, but the monitor flashes, showing how much damage the other character took.


Free Mode

Prologue free mode

Story Mode

Prologue Story Mode

Team Mode

Prologue Team Mode








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