Prologue: Castle of Ephors is the Prologue Chapter of Fire Emblem: Blade of Undeath. It shows Prince Auav and General Darlann escaping the Castle of Ephors during the Undead Army's invasion.


Kill the Boss


The Undead Army is attacking the Castle of Ephors, and who is there? His Highness, Prince Auav. He must flee with his General Darlann from the dangers of the Undead.

Enemy Units

  • 2 Undead Archers (Lv. 2)
  • 1 Undead Claw-Fighter (Lv. 1)
  • 1 Undead Fighter (Boss; Lv.3)



  • Auav: D-Darlann! What are these?!
  • Darlann: Undead troops, Sir.
  • Auav: Wh-what can we do?
  • Darlann: Fight them, Sir. And win. Oh, and also flee. And...
  • Auav: Okay. We fight.

Fighting the Boss (Auav only)

  • Auav: Wh-what are y-you...?
  • Undead Fighter: Ryyarrr... D-d-death...
  • Auav: Ugh... I'll... Kill you, then...

After Chpater

  • Auav: Phew... We... Made it...
  • Darlann: Yes. Now, we flee to Highbridge! Quick!
  • Auav: But... The castle! We must Hel-
  • Darlann: You listen to me! I may be just a little more adult than you are, but I have STRATEGY! Now, we GO TO HIGHBRIDGE!
  • Auav: Y-yes, General Darlann.

Chapter Map


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