Project X
Developer(s) Nano Technologies
Publisher(s) Nano Technologies
Platform(s) CSP2, Playstation and Nintendo 3DS.
Release Date(s)

25px-Flag of Japan July 25, 1994.
25px-Flag of Japan February 9, 1998
25px-Flag of Europe25px-Flag of Australia March 1, 1999
Nintendo 3DS
25px-Flag of USA December 18, 2013
Other countries: Summer 2014

1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Successor Project X2
Media Included Arcade
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Project X (also known as The Deadly Machine X in Japan and Australia) is the first game of the Project X series released for the arcades using Capcom's CP-2 System, but only in Japan. The game was made by Nano Technologies before it was became a part of Rowdy Rocker company.

The game was never released in America before Project X Files for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was posted in 1998/1999 for the Playstation.


In the year 2XXX, humans started a war with aliens, the aliens were stronger with their powerful weapons, then humans decided to create a weapon to protect themselves, X, however something goes wrong with X and makes him turn against humanity.

Now it is a war between the aliens and a giant lethal weapon named X. Four mechas were still active and so four pilots were called to defeat the aliens and stop X.


The player takes control of a mecha, they are: Cutesy Bomber (piloted by Sylvia Martinez), Disco Destroyer (piloted by Richard Groovy), Mister Madness (piloted by Paul the Third) and Train Wreck (piloted by Carlos Oregon), each robot with theiry specific advantage, example Cutesy Bomber being the all-around, Disco Destroyed being the most powerful, Mister Madness being the most skilled with weapons and Train Wreck being the fastest, however the player can quit the Mechas to go melee combat with the smaller enemies.

The player can adquire Mecha Parts by defeating enemy mechas, they drop three type of Mecha Parts: Head, Hand and Leg. Head Mecha Parts can increase the defense, Hand Mecha Parts are the weapons and the Leg can make the robot go faster. If the robot is badly damaged, the pilot must exit and repair it in a minigame.







Mecha Parts


  • Normal
  • Fire: Recieves no damage from Fire atttacks.
  • Water: Recieves no damage from Water attacks.
  • Thunder: Recieves no damage from Electric attacks.
  • Iron: Recieves less damage from melee attacks.
  • Alien: Recieves no damage from Alien enemies.
  • Power Up: Gives twice damage to enemies.
  • Heal: Damage heals you.
  • Unbreakable: Your machine won't break for a while.
  • Glowing: Allows you to see in the dark.


  • Gun
  • Gatling Gun: Shoots 5 shots at once. (Ammo: 550)
  • Bazooka: Shoots a powerful projectile. (Ammo: 10)
  • Rifle: Powerful, but slow. (Ammo: 15)
  • Double Pistol: Two for the price of one. (Ammo: 120)
  • Psycho Magnet: Removes the enemies weapons. (Ammo: Infinite)
  • Grenade Launcher: Shoots deadly explosives. (Ammo: 35)
  • Medieval Sword: It can break anything.
  • Spike Knuckle: Hurts a lot.
  • Electric Whip: It will shock your opponent.



  1. Egypt Cairo, Egypt: The first level, takes place in a desert. The boss of this stage is Pyramid Crusher.
  2. Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Canada Toronto, Canada
  4. France Paris, France
  5. English Flag London, England






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