Project Wub is an upcoming 3D Open World Action game that is being developed for the PC, through Steam. The game features a young man named Alex Mathews who had recently developed powers through music, causing him to become a "super human". In the game, Alex has to save the city of Ford Heights from Professor Maxwell Watters as Alex developed his powers from an experiment from Watters, but he escape which then caused Watters to send out his army of minions and robots to find him and bring him back, dead or alive. As Watters' army is wrecking the city and the military doesn't have enough support to defeat every last one of them, Alex comes to the stand and decides to use his new abilities to take down Watters and his minions from destroying the city.

Along the way, Alex meets people who support him on his newest journey as some new foes are also established. The game is Rated M for Mature and will have a release date of 2014.

A lot more information about Project Wub can be seen at Fantendo Iterum.






Name Description
Alex Mathews Alex Mathews is a young man who doesn't remember a lot from his past after he was used in an experiment by a scientist named Professor Watters. Alex gains abilities which he uses to save the large city of Ford Heights from Watters' forces. Along the way, Alex has to face a new threat.
Andrew Layum Andrew Layum is a man who shares the same age as Alex and meets him at the start of his journey. Andrew usually keeps Alex up to date on news going on throughout Ford Heights.
Michelle Florence Michelle Florence is a young woman who meets Alex and Andrew early on Alex's journey. Michelle used to be the assistant of Professor Watters until he had used her in an experiement which failed resulting in her having to face with an extreme change in personality Michelle is great with technology as she knows all the information about Watters and his latest plans.
Professor Maxwell Watters Professor Maxwell Watters is a Professor who secretly works on experiments as he uses his experiments as his guide to trying to take over the world under his law and order. Watters used Alex in an experiment which gave him his abilities, ever since, Watters has created an army of minions and robots who seek to bring back Alex to Watters' hands. He has as well used to have Michelle as his assistant until he betrayed her as he used her in a dangerous experiment which failed as it led to her having a different personality than her past self.
Brent Salazer Brent Salazer is the Chief of Police of the Ford Heights Police Department (FHPD) as he doesn't trust Alex after gaining his new abilities because he thinks that someday, Alex will use his powers for evil making him the new threat to society. Brent then does turn against Alex in the story as he orders the Police Department to chase after Alex. Alex then has no other choice, but to not only just take down the Police Officers after him, but Brent as well.







These are the minions that Dr. Watters has created, the names of his minions are from a species that Watters' has created and developed called a Brunt.

Name Description
Brunt A Brunt is just a normal Brunt, though not very strong, it is fast, but can be finished off easily.
Rocked Brunt A Rock Brunt is a large Brunt that is made out of rock. It may be slow, but it is strong as it can take away a large amount of health from Alex.
Winged Brunt A Winged Brunt is a winged Brunt which has the ability to fly. Winged Brunts can at times swoop down at Alex as an attack.
Rolling Brunt A Rolling Brunt is a large Brunt with a shell as it has the ability to roll with it’s shell. Rolling Brunts can charge at Alex using their special ability, but they can be defeated easily using the Catch ability.
Cyber Brunt A Cyber Brunt is a large Brunt made out of mechanical hardware, it uses electricity as it’s attack as they can give Alex an electric shock, causing in health being reduced, and being paralyzed for about 4 seconds.
Invisi-Brunt Invis-Brunts are Brunts are basically normal Brunts, but have the ability to go invisible and sneak attack Alex when the chance is given. They can be seen while being invisible by using the Pyrokinesis ability which ignites them.
Sound Brunt A Sound Brunt is a Brunt with large hands and when a Sound Brunt claps it’s hands together, a large sound wave is formed heading towards Alex. The sound wave can be avoided and reflected by using the Force Field ability. When the sound wave reflects towards the Sound Brunt and then hits him, a massive amount of damage is given to that Sound Brunt.
Under Brunt An Under Brunt is a Brunt with long and sharp claws as they are nowhere to be seen on the surface as they usually spawn from underground as they can also sneak attack at times. Under Brunts can be avoided easily.
Charger Brunt A Charger Brunt is a mutated Brunt with a massive body, a small head, and one arm being large, and one being large. Despite it’s mutation, they are the fastest Brunts as they can charge as fast than any other Brunt when they have the chance too. They can be stopped charing by using the Telekinises ability on them.
Supervisor Supervisors are enormous Brunts which are also the strongest. Not many Supervisors appear in game, but when they do, they can call reinforcements to help it in battle, and they are also very fast. When Supervisors are defeated, all of it’s reinforcements are as well.


Name Description
HMR HMRs are robots which have large hammers for hands. HMRs can use their ability to destroy anything in their path. HMRs usually take more damage when attacked from behind.
Mechanic Mechanics are robots which resemble a Human Mechanic. Mechanics are large robots as they can transform their hands into drills. Mechanics have a base plate on their chest, and when it’s chest plate is being attacked on, they usually take more damage.
Jay Jays are bird-like creatures who use their sharp feet and beak to attack. Jays can also swoop down at Alex as their other form of attack.
Robrunt Robrunts are robots which resemble Brunts, but they carry a Mini-gun as their form of attack.
GRNDE GRNDEs are robots which are in the shape of a grenade. When Alex is seen by a GRNDE, they charge at him and throw themselves to him. Whenever they miss or on target, they blow up, and when on hit with Alex, a lot of damage is taken away from him.
Med Meds are robots which can be seen healing other robots and can also overheal them too making them a tad stronger than usual. When a robot is seen with a Med, it’s always best to eliminate the Med first to make the job easier.
Hover Hovers are robots which hover on their feet. They can also shoot small rockets, and can be taken down with the Force Field and Catch abilities.
Roid Roids are golden robots who carry futuristic-looking rifles which shoot out lazers. The rifle itself can be bought at stores which sells weapons.
Extender Extenders are large robots who have the ability to climb buildings  as they have 4 arms, and can even extend their arms to long lengths. Extenders can be defeated by chopping off their arms and defeating them in time as their limbs can grow back one by one. Another way to defeat them is with the Force Field ability.
Secure Secures are robots that usually hang off of walls, but when Alex is seen by a Secure, the Secure immediately gets into action by opening it's hatch and released multiple small robots whcih resemble bats. Secures can be easily avoided in some way, depending where it's located at.


Name Description
Ford Heights Police Ford Heights Police are the Police who are a part of the Ford Heights Police Department. They turn against Alex later on in the story by Chief of Police, Brent Salazar as he turns against him thinking he is truly a menace to society.



Name Ability
Dubstep The Dubstep Ability is the strongest. When used, strobes of light will bounce onto the screen and upon hitting, causes a lot of damage to anybody that had come to contact with it. Many songs can be selected which plays when the ability is in use. When someone is eliminated, they disintegrate.
Pop The Pop Ability isn't the strongest compared to the Dubstep Ability, but sure can pack a lot of damage. When used, a long stream of colorful lights appear and only kills someone in only a few hits.
Rock The Rock Ability is a powerful ability, and sometimes, it can instantly kill someone. When used, a wave of colorful lights appear over the screen, and when one comes in contact with someone, that person will ragdoll and can even send them flying once in a while.
Rap The Rap Ability is a fast ability, but not a very strong one. When used, a mess of loops goes all over the screen and when someone is eliminated through this ability, they disintegrate, much like what the Dubstep ability does.
Classical The weakest ability, but has the most interesting feature. The ability shoots in a zig-zag sort of way, but this time, Alex can guide the colorful beam where ever it can go depending on where Alex is pointing at. A direct hit can sometimes cause a lot of damage to the person who has been hit with the beam.
Metal The most fastest ability, and when used, beams in the shape of circles come out as they bounce all over the ground. When someone is hit by one of the circular colorful beams, that person will fly off from the ground, and then land on the ground. This ability can instantly kill people more often than the other abilities.
Techno The second fastest ability and when used, triangular beams form out and when someone is hit by one of these beams, they ragdoll and go up high in the air until hitting the ground. This ability and the Metal ability are great abilities to use when having to face hoards of minions and robots. The ability can also damage robots more quickly than any other ability.
Disco Disco is a normal ability as it has balanced speed and damage. When this ability is used, strobes of many shapes and sizes will appear and can sometimes even cause a large explosion when hit on an enemy which can be helpful when fighting a group of enemies.
Swing Swing is a fast and powerful activity that every once in a while it can cause massive explosions when shot at any vehicle or aircraft. When this ability is used, different colored strobes of light come are released much like the Dubstep ability.


These abilities are gained throughout the game.

Name Ability
Telekinesis Telekinesis is an ability where Alex can lift anyone and any object and can also throw them. Alex can lift up objects from a distance as well.
Glide The Glide ability explains itself. When used, Alex will glide across the skies. Jumping off from buildings after having a running start will have the Alex glide faster.
Stomp When used, Alex will stomp one of his feet causing a large wave of destruction which mostly kills anyone close to him instantly.
Force Field The Force Field ability is an ability which guards Alex for a moment when used. When a projectile is thrown at the force field, the force field will reflect that projectile.
Catch Catch is an ability and when in use, any large projectile that is thrown at Alex is then caught by him and can be thrown anywhere.
Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis is an ability where Alex can create fire and use it as his defense mechanism. When used on someone, they light on fire which causes them to take damage each second they are on fire.
Revival Revival is an ability that brings back a deceased person back to life when used.


Name Description Price
Shock Hammer The Shock Hammer is a large Hammer-like weapon and when used, as soon as it makes contact with the ground, a large shockwave appears causing massive damage to anyone/anything around. $580
Pumpa Pumpa is an item which is a backpack with a hose attatched to it. Alex can use the Pumpa to knockback enemies which is very helpful when dealing with hoardes of enemies. When the hose is pointed on the ground, Alex can perform a water jump which gets him high up in the air and can be used to access hard to reach areas. $234
Behemoth The Behemoth is a large scythe, that's usually it, but it also does a lot of damage when in contact with someone. It can also destroy cars in a few amount of hits. $430
Mini-Masher The Mini-Masher is a Rocket Launcher looking weapon that when used, sends out a number miniature robots to attack anything in sight (other than Alex). The Mini-Masher is a great weapon for dealing with strong enemies. $498
Gravi-tron The Gravitron is a mysterious yellow weapon that when used, it releases a wave of energy causing anything on it's path to move away, or even fly away too when after releasing the wave of energy after holding down to the button which releases the wave. $700
Control Wave The Control Wave is a weapon that when used on someone, a large wave appears and can instantly control anybody, a pedestrian or an enemy. The Control Wave causes the controlled being to attack enemies when in battle and can be very useful for defeating a large group of enemies.  $650



Name Description
Johnson and Jackson's Johnson and Jackson's is a large abandoned warehouse that was once was used as an indoor flea market, but was shut down for unknown reasons. Johnson and Jackson's is the main safehouse in the game, Michelle can be seen somewhere around the safehouse with her software and other gadgets. The warehouse is soon invaded by Watters and his army as the warehouse is completely wrecked after the invasion.. Easter Eggs can be found around the building.
Cerastone Mall Cerastone Mall is a large mall located at Downtown Ford Heights. Cerastone Mall has many stores where items and clothing can be bought at. Other activities can be performed while in the mall.
Ford Heights Police Department Ford Heights Police Department is an enterable building which is basically the main headquarters of the Ford Heights Police Unit. The building is about 4 stories high, as many police officers are roaming around the building, and civilians can be seen in the second floor doing activities such as playing on an arcade machine or fooseball, watching tv, or sitting on a chair either just reading a magazine, on a laptop, having a drink, eating chips, or just simply sitting down.
Ambassador Suites Ambassador Suites is a tall hotel that is a few miles away from the Cerastone Mall. Ambassador Suites is also enterable as it's about 12 stories high and has many features to it such as restaurants, a swimable swimming pool, a theater, a bar, and even several hotel rooms are enterable.
Ford Heights Power Plant Ford Heights Power Plant is a power plant that is located far off of Ford Heights as it's located on a mountain. It is as well an enterable building as well as when entered, large containers of nuclear waste can be seen as many employees wearing radiation suites can be seen walking around the building.
Ford Heights National Bank The Ford Heights National Bank is a large buiding which is located near by the Johnson and Jackson's. Inside the building usually has many booths, guards, civilians either using the booths, or just sitting down doing various activities. A large vault can be accessed using a credit card which can be found somewhere around a bar named "The Windward Getaway". Large amounts of money is seen inside of the vault, and it is unknown if any money can be taken as of now.
The Windward Getaway The Windward Getaway is a Hawaiian themed bar which is located on the back of the Ford Heights National Bank. Inside the bar are many tables, a large bar, TVs, civilians performing various activities, pool tables, a foosball table, arcade machines, miniature palm trees, and tiki statues.
Pacific Palace Casino Pacific Palace is a casino which is located near by the Ford Heights Beachh. Inside the casino has many decorations, which are ocean-related. The building is about two stories high, as many Poker Machines and Blackjack Tables are seen, and they both can be played.
Ford Pier Ford Pier is a pier located near by the ocean. Many stores and restaurants reside here as various activities do as well. There are sections of Ford Pier such as Pier 35, Pier 36, and Pier 37. Later on in the game, a lost Pier 38 is discovered after years of being forgotten after it's destruction during a storm. All three piers have their own features, for example like in Pier 36, a large pirate ship is seen and is enterable.
Ivoken Prison Ivoken Prison is a prison that is located on an island. Ivoken Prison can be seen from  Ford Pier and it's an abandoned prison as it is said that ghosts of deceased inmates can be seen walking around the empty building, and some have even been seen trapped in their cell as a mysterios voice can be heard saying mysterious things.
Shady Seas Apartment Complex Shady Seas Apartment Complex is a tall enterable building which is located nearby the Ford Pier. Inside the building are many rooms and floors, much like the Ambassador Suites Hotel as some rooms are as well enterable. A restaurant and a bar are inside of the apartment complex as well.
Ford Heighs City Hall TBA


All the missions for Project Wub can be seen here.



Radio Stations

Bass Union 101.5

Bass Union 101.5 is a radio station that plays Dubstep music.

Disco Dome 102.3

Disco Dome 102.3 is a radio station which basically plays Disco/Funk music.

Wayback 103.7

Wayback 103.7 is a radio station that plays Pop songs from the 60s/70s/80s

Jammin' 105.4

Jammin' 105.4 is a radio station that plays Rock/Roll and Roll music.

Relaxation Station 106.2

Relaxation Station 106.2 is a radio station that plays Classical music.

Easter Eggs and Secrets

  • Inside of Johnson and Jackson's, a portrait of Steven from Steven and Brian can be seen somewhere around the building, most likely near by Michelle's room.

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