Project Weapons is a game I'm working on that involves many different types of fighters with weapons team up to fight monsters. Here is everything. And if the title wasn't obvious enough, this is a working title and will more than likely have a different name by the time it finishes. If you're interested in coming up with a name, suggest in the comments!


Playable Characters (Celestial Warriors)

Character name Description

Maglor (Project Weapons)

Maglor is a blonde thug. After being recruited to fight alongside the Celestial Warriors to save the world, he puts behind his villainous tendencies. He uses two large crowbars in combat.

Marcella (Project Weapons)

Marcella is small and seemingly weak girl aged 15. Emphasis on seemingly. She fights using magical spells pertaining to water to fight, and she never gives up a battle as the loser.

Alfonsus (Project Weapons)

Alfonsus is a pale young boy who is often shielded by a thick suit of silver armor. He fights by effortlessly swinging a mace. He is very strong.

Andreas (Project Weapons)

Andreas is spoiled young man who always wears a spotless white suit. He is never seen without gloves. He has neatly combed lavender hair. He puts extremely sharp blades made of emerald on his finger tips to fight.

Ptolema (Project Weapons)

Ptolema is a crazy and aggresive girl who fights using heavy machinery. It is very rare to see her upset or beaten in a fight. She is definitely a force to be feared.

Non-Playable Characters

Name Description

Satanas (Project Weapons)

Satanas is an insane monster made purely of fire. He is fairly easy to fight in the game.
Sethos (Project Weapons

Sethos is a being who travels through shadows. He may randomly pop up and battle. He fights using darkness.

Hecate (Project Weapons)

Hecate is an evil being made up of the souls of dead people who have gone to the underworld. She fights by controlling the souls and then absorbing them back once they take life from those who they attack.

Chaotic Lord (Project Weapons)

Chaotic Lord is the main antagonist of the game. He is The Crooked One. He is very eccentric, often doing goofy things because he can. He also holds a [[{SPOILERS} Dark Secret (Project Weapons)]]

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