Vulcan, a cybernetic, radioactive hawk, escaping a heroic exit from an explosion must save the world from a demonic spirit before it ignites the planet!



Vulcan, having just escaped the exploding base, flies to his former home to release the prisoners, the base contains no security stopping him, and to his surprise, he enters a room which has a hologram playing on repeat, the voice and the picture is frightingly familiar.

A Ghost Since Lost

Hologram: "Hello Vulcan, I realize you have found your way back here, I am not surprised, for when you first came to me, Uriel informed me of your weakness in your first encounter with him and Valvalion, I thought the base would explode taking you down with it, but, your probably wondering how I am here, talking to you, well tough! I am not here, I am on board the Zeppelin you see in the sky, if you want answers, then come to me."

Follow the Leader

With salvaging clues to find his way on board and finding a way to the centre, Vulcan will finaly meet the Cult of Aten, Phobos: Welcome to the cult, Hologram: Meet the Cult of Aten, suddenly the room goes dark, all the torches in the room suddenly host a blue flame, The Haunted: I am the haunted, you will bow down or this world will perish, you jackals! Be away with you. The Haunted: Now is the dawning of a new age, my age, with Vulcan trapped, he can do nothing but watch the world burn.

Last Haunt

With Vulcan on the run from evil forces, the cult rising and Uriel gone, it would seem all is lost, but suddenly the haunted scorched energyx, he turned to ash, this was Vulcan's chance to escape, using silence and stealth as the key, for failure will result in imprisonment, now that the cult is gone, Vulcan has time to think about what to do, he decides to fly to his creators lab and find Ocula.

All Seeing Eye

Vulcan finaly makes his way to the lab, lurking through the hallway is this strange breathing sound, Vulcan was made without fear, it seems that is lost now, ???: I can see you, Vulcan keeps moving, ignoring the the taunts, ???: I see everything, Vulcan flies quite fast through the corridors, ???: You cannot escape, suddenly all the lights go out, Vulcan's heart is racing to keep up with him, you suddenly see a red light, and hear a roaring sound, what could it be?

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