Project Symphony
Developer(s) Luna Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
1-4 players
Genre(s) Theater Rhythm Action
is a video game developed by Luna Studios and is for the Nintendo 3DS. Like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, it is a "theater rhythm action" game, in which the player uses the stylus to tap and hold notes in the touch screen, along with this feature, the player also uses the buttons, A,B,Y and X.


The game features 4 types of notes. A red note means that the player must tap it, a green note indicates that the player must hold it, a blue note indicates that the player must slide te stylus or use the circle pad to slide in a direction according to the arrows. In a single sequence, there is a party consisting 4 members. Each party member has a solo, or special attack, if it is succesful, it will be effective. If a party member misses a note, that member loses HP, once he/she loses HP, he/she will faint and will not continue to battle.

There are three types of stages, Exploration Symphony, Battle Symphony and Boss Symphony.

  • Exploration Symphony- This type of stage is played when first arriving in the new world, the party explores the new field and the player must tap the sequence shown in the upper screen.
  • Battle Symphony- This type of stage requires the player to battle a group or a horde of monsters/enemies.
  • Boss Symphony- This type of stage is similar to the Battle Symphony, but it has only one enemy, the boss in the world.


Link is requested by Zelda to rescue other worlds from the joined forces of the Nintendo antagonists. But he needs a key to travel to other worlds. Luckily, Aqua suddenly arrived. Link finds out she can travel to other worlds, but her power turns useless when a rift suddenly appeared and sucks the two and leads them to a world gate. Link narrates to Aqua that Ganondorf, Bowser and Medusa are teaming up to rule all the other Nintendo worlds. 

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