Project Sega
Project Sega
Developer(s) Sega, Liteteretet, Zatrex Gaming
Publisher(s) Sega, Zatrex Gaming
Platform(s) Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 27th 2016
SinglePlayer, Multiplayer, Co-Op
Genre(s) Platformer, Action Adventure
Series Project
Media Included Rated-E-For-Everyone-psd62362
Project: Sega is an upcoming Sonic game that will be released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 , Wii U and 3DS in 2016.


Sonic the Hedgehog Archie profile

The game starts off with Sonic running around in Green Hill Zone with Tails and Knuckles. A strange light starts to emit from somewhere. A large explosion erupts, lighty damaging green hill. A mysterious figure is shown and teleports away, causing Sonic and his friends to chase after him. When they reach the spot, they see Eggman, beaten up and tired on the floor. With the help of Eggman, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and his friends set out to stop the mysterious figure.

Playable Characters

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower
  3. Kuckles The Echinda
  4. Cream The Rabbit
  5. Amy Rose
  6. Dr. Eggman
  7. Shadow The Hedgehog
  8. Blaze The Cat
  9. Team Chaotix
  10. Silver The Hedgehog
  11. Big The Cat

Playstation 3, Wii U, 3DS and Xbox Stages

World 1 - Mix Up

Green Hill Zone

One of the easiest levels in the game. A warp hole has been added to the level, which makes any character transport into the classic genesis green hill zone.

Emerald Coast

The first stage in SADX. This level is remastered. Instead of a whale chasing you, you ride on a whale and fight a mini boss.

Sky Chase Zone

Same level as SADX but instead of a plane, you use Shadow to destroy enemies with Chaos Spear. The level gets harder and harder as you defeat enemies.

Labyrinth Zone

In this level, you go through the water filled place. Near the end of the stage, you have to run away from a raging flood

Scrap Brain Zone

The last level of Sonic The Hedgehog. This level adds a extra boss that you have to defeat before you fight the actual boss. When you beat this level, you unlock Classic Sonic. This level reveals that Eggman Nega is the mysterious figure.

World 2 - First Levels

Neo Green Hill Zone

The first level in Sonic Advance remastered. Even though this is the first level of World 2, you still fight the Egg Hammer boss, although Eggman does not control it, Eggman Nega does.

Seaside Hill

The first level in Sonic Heroes. Same stage with new areas added. New enemies were also added to the level also.

Emerald Hill Zone

The first level in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Same level and no changes made except the 3D front view.

Route 99

The first level of Sonic Advance 3. Same level and no changes made except the 3D front view.

Chaos Angel

The last level of Sonic Advance 3. Same level and no changes made except the 3D front view

World 3 - Sky Levels

Flying Battery Zone

The second zone of Sonic and Knuckles. News types of enemies and the level adds an Electric Wisp, which makes Sonic or anyone able to cause electric explosions.

Sky Canyon

The fifth zone in Sonic Advance 2. This level is extremely hard due to the complexity of routes that you can go through to get to the goal.

Sky Chase 2

Act 2 of Sky Chase. This level adds a swarm of enemies that you have to defeat.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

One of the levels in Sonic Generations and Sonic The Hedgehog 3. The level is more brighter and the platforms break more.

Final Fortress

The last level of Sonic Heroes. This level has to do with a lot of jumping on ships to get to the goal.

World 4 - Elements

Crisis City

A level in Sonic 06. No changes made.

Hydrocity Zone

The second zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. New enemies and 3D front view.

Ice Cap Zone

A zone in Sonic and Knuckles. Level is more brighter and new enemies.

Ice Mountain

The fourth zone in Sonic Advance. Level s more brighter and new enemies.

Windy Valley

An action stage zone in Sonic DX. This level has more hazards and more tornadoes.

World 5 - The Final Battle

This world only has 2 levels

Chaos Emerald Hunt

This level, you use your Emerald Radar to go through 7 specific stages to find a chaos emerald. The radar will start to beep once you are close


This level is the final boss.


World 1 - Giant Scrap Brain/Sonic The Hedgehog Final Boss

Before you fight the boss, you fight a giant brain robot. Just hit his head 8 times. Then you fight the Sonic the hedgehog 1 final boss

World 2 - Egg Hammer

The first boss in Sonic Advance. Just keep using your homing attack and he'll be defeated

World 2 - Gemerl

This is a rival battle. Gemerl will shoot lasers, missiles, and other objects at you until he overheats. Home attack him when he overheats

World 3 - Egg Emperor

The final boss for Final Fortress. When he smashes his hand on the ground, run up his hand and hit his head. Do this 9 times to beat him

World 4 - Solaris Phase 2, Iblis, and Perfect Chaos

The final bosses of Sonic 06 and Sonic DX. First, you need to boost to Perfect chaos and go through his body and hit him. You need to do this two times. Perfect Chaos will explode. Then you fight Iblis. He'll shoot some fire balls at you. Hit the fire balls with your aerial deflect to bounce it back at him. Do this 6 times. Then you fight Solaris. He'll use the powers of Iblis and Perfect Chaos. Just keep dodging them until he weakens. Hit him once and he'll be defeated

World 5 - Sega

Project Sega is a mixture of every single boss in Sonic controlled by Eggman Nega. In this stage, you play as Super Sonic. He'll shoot anything at you. If you know sonic well, you'll know what he's shooting at you. When he unleashes his Mega Laser, press L2 to absorb it (Y for Xbox and Wii U) and shoot it back. When you do this 6 times, he'll go crazy and shoot everything all at once. Do your best do dodge all of this. When he's done, boost to him and he'll explode