Project Random Battle is a project by ModernRetroNintendoGamer and Monstermanchego.

It has the same gameplay style as Smash Bros, but with many random ideas that would not normally be in Smash Bros.

The logo is created by LegendaryIce.

Project Random Battle

Playable Fighters

Starting Fighters

Name Fighter Information & Attacks Battle Finisher

Most games aren't good without Mario, unless they feature Nintendo's other characters! That explains why Sony and Microsoft make such bad games.

Mario, the mascot of Nintendo fights with Fireballs, Super Jump Punches, Capes, and more attacks.

Zee Egg

His body is ready for the battle.

He attacks with punching, kicking, Reggie Fils-A-Mech beams, and motion controls.

My Body Is Ready

Swampert, the final evolution of Mudkip, the Hoenn Water Starter.

He attacks with moves he can learn, such as Hydro Pump and Surf. 'Cause anything else would not make sense.

Mega Swampert
Pink Gold Peach Pink Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8 replaces Peach. She attacks with stronger and newer versions of Peach's attacks from Super Smash Bros., as well as various items from Mario Kart 8. Super Horn
Hyrule Warriors Link TP Clothes

Hey, everyone! It's!

He attacks with the Master Sword, Arrows, Bombs, Hookshots, and more items from his adventures.

Light Arrows

Expecting assist trophy from Super Smash Bros?


Waluigi attacks by kicking, using a tennis racket, throwing Bob-Ombs, and upgrading himself using Candy.

Kick and Bob-Omb Combo

An expert martial artist who participates in fighting tournaments.

Ryu battles using his specially-honed fighting techniques, including an energy blast called the Hadoken and a spiral uppercut called the Shoryuken.

Shinku Hadoken
250px-Mega Man SSB4

The Blue Bomber, another Capcom All Star, Megaman!

He uses the Mega Buster, Metal Blades, Crash Bombs, Leaf Shield, Rush Coil, and several other weapons.

Mega Man Legends

Well, did anyone say this was video game only?


Spongebob, the 1st TV Show challanger in Project Random Battle.

Goofy Goober Rock

Kirby of the Stars!

Kirby can eat his foes along with using the Smash Ability from Kirby and The Amazing Mirror.

King Dedede King Dedede. He has a giant mallet, along with being able to throw gordos and other abilities. Masked Dedede

Pac-Man! He eats ghost and dots.

But on here, he can turn into the arcade Pac-Man, along with using attacks from several Namco games.

8-Bit Pac-Man


He can fly and use weapons from Kid Icarus games.

Three Sacred Treasure
Alpha Alpha, from Terrain of Magical Expertise. He can use several attacks, including thunder, making shields, ect. Demon Alpha
296px-Sora KHHD

The Keyblade wielder and savior of worlds, Sora.

Sora wields his Keyblade (and the magic available to it, including Fira and Blizzara) in battle.

Drive Form
Steven Universe

Steven, from Steven Universe! He can summon his Gem Shield and bubble in battle, alongside Lion, too. His shield can only summon so many times, through.

Ultimate Shield
Dipper & Mabel RW
Dipper and Mabel Dipper and Mabel Pines. They are a duo character, like the Ice Climbers in Melee/Brawl. Mabel can use her grappling hook, while Dipper can summon things from the Journal. Gnome Monster
Sonic can t wait by banjo2015-d8r6wzz
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic, the speedy hero of Mobius, dashes in! He can use Spindashes, Homing Attacks, and other moves from his games to fight. Super Sonic
Tails Sonic Adventure
Miles "Tails" Prower The best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails. He can fly with his twin tails, or use machines and his complete Mega Buster rip off to battle. Tails Mech
Donkey Kong The punch packing ape, Donkey Kong slams into the fight! He can punch very hard, and slam the ground, alongside being able to ride carts and hit foes with them. Donkey Punch
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong, a fast and small Kong. She can use acrobatic skills, and fly with her pigtails. Barrel Blast

You know who you can't defeat? Airman. He attacks using Tornadoes, his Buster, and other attacks.

Mega Tornado

Ethan, a Pokemon Trainer from Johto. He uses 3 Pokemon.




Like Red from Brawl, he has 3 Starters all in seperate evolution forms.

Triple Finish

Unlockable Fighters

All characters are unlocked randomly.

Name Fighter Information & Attacks Battle Finisher
250px-Luigi SSB4

How to Unlock

Luigi'sa number 1!

He attacks with electricity, and Dreamy Luigi Clones. He can also jump higher.

Luiginary Ball
Furious Frog

How to Unlock

Stay "toned" for awesome frog smackdown powers.

Furious attacks with punches and kicks, but can also teleport and slow time.


How to Unlock

The caped crusader joins the fight!

Batman fights using his variety of gadgets, ranging from Batarangs to grappling hooks to his Disruptor.

Guns and shit
Delta Squad

How to Unlock

Some soldiers from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

These two attack in sync from different parts of the field with semi-automatic pistols and assault rifles.

Patrick Star


How to Unlock

Is this the Krusty Krab?



Patrick attacks with his net, sleeping, throwing rocks, ice cream, and more of stuff Patrick would do.

Wumbology Lesson
King Hippo

How to Unlock
The gigantic Minor Circuit champion!

King Hippo strikes with megaton punches, and his defenses are almost impenetrable! ... Except for his gut, which is extremely vulnerable.

Angry Hippo

How to Unlock

No. 719 in the Pokédex, and the Fairy- and Rock-type Jewel Pokémon.

Diancie wields moves that she learns via level, such as Smack Down, Light Screen, Ancient Power, and Skill Swap.

Diamond Storm
250px-Bowser SSB4

How to Unlock
Bowser, King of Koopas. He attacks with flames, his own shell, and more attacks. Giga Bowser

Shovel Knight

How to Unlock

Steel thy shovel and fight! Shovel Knight is here to strike the earth! He attacks with his shovel, but uses various items he can buy in his game. Order of No Quarter

Bill Cipher

How to Unlock

Bill Cipher. He can spawn several types of things, each one doing more or less damage then another. He can also teleport, and shapeshift, and grab people using his mind. Dream Control


How to Unlock

Charizard, the final evolution of Charmander. Charizard can fly, and use Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Rock Smash, Slash, Metal Claw, and several other moves. Mega Charizard X
Protoman SSB4


How to Unlock

Protoman, the brother of Mega Man. He uses seperate weapons then Mega Man, however. He can also use his shield. ProtoFinish


How to Unlock

Nabbit, the thief from New Super Mario Bros U steals the show! He can trap his foes in a bag, run at high speeds, and jump really high. Mega Mushroom
Diddy Kong T SSB4

Diddy Kong

How to Unlock

Diddy Kong, a peanut blasting, barrel jetpacking Kong! He can use his jetpack to fly, and shoot peanuts out of the gun. When he gets the Smash Ball, those two items improve highly, for a few seconds. Peanut and Barrel Flight

Cranky Kong

How to Unlock

Cranky Kong, while he seems old, he can bounce around on his walking stick like another fighter in this game, and also use it to wack his foes. Cranky Banana Rage
King K Rool

King K. Rool

How to Unlock

King K. Rool, the stealer of bananas. He is a very heavy character, and can pack a punch. He's around evenly matched with Donkey Kong. Army Call


How to Unlock

Metaknight. A friend and foe of Kirby. He wields the Galaxia, and can fly.

Ultra Mach Tornado



How to Unlock

Mewtwo, one of the 5 Kanto Legendaries. With his pyschic powers, and other moves, he is ready for battle. He can use various moves he learns in X, Y, Red, Blue, Fire Red, and Leaf Green. Mega Mewtwo Y

How to Unlock

He's really feeling it. This hero in red wields the Monado - a weapon that grants him the ability to see the future. It also tends to be better against machines and animals than sapient life... Monado Buster
Ricky Winterborn
Ricky Winterborn

How to Unlock

What can we say? He's Ricky Winterborn. RICKY WINTERBORN

How to Unlock

He can't fly. He can't copy abilities. He's got pyrokinesis and a sick light-blast staff thing. This guy is as far from his design inspiration as you can get. Awesome! Crystal Staff
Other White Kirby ~PNG~
White Kirby

How to Unlock

He's pretty much Kirby, but white. Yep. That's all. Whyternova


How to Unlock

Kirbopher. One of the main characters from TOME. He uses a Sword, and can use several magical attacks with it. Zetto Combo
Smash Logo

How to Unlock

The literal face of Smash. This guy has access to every move that other characters can use, including their Battle Finishers! Plz ban from tournaments. Finisher Overload


Information and Hazards StageBoss
Final Destination. One of the most famous fighting stages in Smash Bros. There are no hazards. Just a battlefield in space to fight on. None
Battlefield. Another famous Smash Bros stage, with no hazards. It has three platforms, however. None
Peach's Castle. A stage from the Mario Series. In this game, Goombas and Koopas come out to attack. Toads are spectating from the background, and Yoshi came sometimes be found on the top of the roof. None

3D World. This stage is a scroller stage, featuring three types of levels from Smash Bros. Several enemies from the three stages appear.

The three stages are:

Super Bell Hill - Scrolls sideways. Catbells can be found here commonly from defeating Cat Goombas.

Mount Beanpole - Scrolls upwards. You can bounce from platform to platform, and try to make your way up.

Bowser's Highway Showdown - It starts out in the beginning of the castle. In the end, you battle a Fake Bowser, riding the car.

Fake Bowser

The Halberd. Metaknight's ship. The stage starts out riding a very big warpstar, and then the warpstar crashes down onto the Halberd. You land on the front deck, and several things will try to attack you on the Halberd.

Sailor Dee will sometimes take control of the cannon, and send out several minions.

King Dedede's Arena. In this stage, no hazards or bosses will be found. However, several cameos appear in the crowd, such as, your Wii U's Miis, Mario Characters, Kirby enemies, and several others. None

The Mystery Dungeon, from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. This stage is a scroller stage, and has several diferent looks of dungeons. The look also effects what enemies appear.

Duskinor will appear at the end as a stage boss, no matter what the look however.


The Pokemon Stadium! It switches to 5 other types of stages. 4 Of them based off the original Kanto Elite Four. Pokemon can also appear and attack.

Icy Field - Ice Stage, featuring several Ice Pokemon, from Kanto and Unova.

Ghost House - A haunted house, with several Gastlys, Haunters, and Gengars.

Fighting Dojo - A dojo with powerful Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop.

Dragon's Den - A Dragon arena with several dragon Pokemon.

Vineyard - Beware of this area. Venusar appears here, and rages due to being the only Kanto Starter not to be a playable Pokemon.

MysteryShack MAINREF
The Mystery Shack. You can climb up a latter to battle on the roof, or the sign, or just stay on the main field. Goats will sometimes come and try to bite you. None
Lavendera. One of the three main areas of TOME.  Several TOME players can attack you at any time. The stage sometimes changes to a battle grid. None