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Project L is a game modification for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U developed by Team Locked. Based off Project M, the objective of Project L is to bring more content to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, allowing it for more customization options and to make it more mod-friendly. The project begun as a mod project to bring the Ice Climbers for the Wii U version of the game, although it grew into adding more characters, stages, items, music and even new game modes.

The project started in March 9, 2016.


Game Modes

Logo Description


Super Mario Bros. for Wii U Roster

All characters from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U return, with the exceptions of Dark Pit and Lucina, who instead are turned into alternate costumes for Pit and Marth, respectively. Most of the roster had their gameplay styles changed, although a few only have minor modifications in comparison.

Character Description


Super Mario Logo

Nintendo's mascot, the ever popular italian plumber who finds himself having to save the princess from his archnemesis Bowser. Mario was changed to have a more F.L.U.D.D. oriented moveset, increasing his mobility by allowing him to spray water on the stage and slide along it as well to propel himself upwards with F.L.U.D.D. Mario now as a Timed Hit mechanic, if the player presses the attack button at a certain moment, Mario will attack again with a more powerful attack. This also works with Special Moves, even with his Final Smash.

Mario's Special Moves
Standard Special Fireball (Super Flame)
Side Special Cape (Cape Spin)
Up Special Super Jump Punch (Ultra Jump)
Down Special F.L.U.D.D. (Turbo Nozzle F.L.U.D.D.)
Final Smash Mario Finale (Grand Finale)
Luigi render lm darkmoon by znkhucast-d6k754e


Super Mario Logo

He might be Mario's cowardly brother but he is still courageous enough to go with Mario on their adventures and even managed to save Mario in his solo adventures. Like Mario, Luigi's moveset was changed to make him stand out more and now Luigi's main focus is with the Poltergust 5000, that can suck up other players and projectiles and throw them back at opponents. As a result, Luigi is now a bit heavier and slower.

Luigi's Special Moves
Standard Special Vacuum (Power Surge)
Side Special Luigi Missile
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Gold Bone (Polterpup Catch)
Final Smash Overclocked Poltergust 5000


Super Mario Logo

Mario's archenemesis who seeks to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, although his plans are everytime foiled by the italian heroes. Bowser has the least of modifications to his character, being almost the same as he was in the original game barring a few new moves from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Bowser's Special Moves
Standard Special Fire Breath
Side Special Koopa Klaw
Up Special Flying Fortress
Down Special Bob-omb Blitz
Final Smash Giant Bowser




Versus Planet - Wario logo

Mario's greedy cousin who is ready to get into any plan that gives him money very fast. In Project L, he has two different movesets, one based off Wario Land/World and the other based off Wario: Master of Disguise. Those movesets can be switched by performing a down taunt.

Wario's Special Moves
Standard Special Hyper Suction / Cosmic Laser
Side Special Dash Attack / Genius Glove
Up Special Corkscrew Conk / Wicked Flight
Down Special Earthshake Punch / Art Block
Final Smash Dragon Wario



Roy is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blide and the descendant of lord Eliwood who is the weilder of the famous Sealed Sword. In Project L, he recieves a whole new moveset and gameplay style, where he becomes middleweight with a balanced strength and speed with his sword being able to be put on fire for more powerful and faster attacks.

Wario's Special Moves
Standard Special Dual Strike
Side Special Brave Rush
Up Special Aegis Slash
Down Special Patience
Final Smash Sword of Seals

New Moves

Character Moves
MarioIconSSBD Super Flame: If the input for the Fireball move is pressed the exact time the move connects to the opponent, the Fireball will combust, creating a fiery explosion that hits the opponent multiple times.

Cape Spin: If the input for the Cape Spin move is pressed the exact time the move connects, Mario will spin in place, like the Mario Tornado move in the previous Super Smash Bros. games.

Ultra Jump: If the input for the Super Jump Punch move is pressed the exact time the move connects, Mario will perform a longer version of the move that gives him more vertical distance and hits the opponent more.

Turbo Nozzle F.L.U.D.D: If the input for the F.L.U.D.D. move is pressed the exact time the move connects, F.L.U.D.D. will shoot a powerful stream of water that can damage the opponent and push them far away.

Grand Finale: If the input for the Grand Finale move is pressed the exact time the move connects t othe opponent, the gigantic fireball will explode, like how it does in the Super Flame Move.

New Alternate Costumes

Character Costumes
Meowser by maxigamer-d8r1oee
source - maxigamer
Dark pit.png
Zero Suit SamusIconSSBD
Zero Suit Samus
source - idk

New Characters

Character Description
Pichu Smashified by KryptonLion



The first of the Pikachu evolutionary line, known as the Tiny Mouse Pokémon He appeared in a previous Smash game Super Smash Bros. Melee where he was a joke character clone of Pikachu, but he has reworked from scratch for Project L. He now can't hurt himself from his attacks and has been changed into a glass cannon, powerful but extremely fragile, even more fragile than the likes of Jigglypuff.

Pichu's Special Moves
Standard Special Charge Beam
Side Special Thunder Wave
Up Special Quick Attack
Down Special Thunder Shock
Final Smash Wild Charge
Wolf render smash wii u 3ds style by machriderz-d8nym1k



The leader of the mercernary group Star Wolf, Wolf was a newcomer character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that was cut for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U but thanks to this mod he's back. He maintains the speedy powerhouse playstyle from Brawl, although he has new tricks up his sleeve, such as his Side B leading to a grab (like Bowser's and Ganondorf's) as well having weapons from Star Fox Assault as part of his moveset.

Wolf's Special Moves
Standard Special Gatling Gun
Side Special Predator Pursuit
Up Special Booster Pack
Down Special Barrier Sphere
Final Smash Wolfen


Crash bandicoot logo hd by jerimiahisaiah-d8cum37

Once the mascot for one of Nintendo's rivals, now another franchise forgotten by the sands of time. Crash is the seemingly dumb protagonist of his namesake series where he foils the plans of Dr. Neo Cortex, his creator. Crash plays like he plays in the first trilogy of games, being somewhat lightweight and having medium speed to his movement.

Crash's Special Moves
Standard Special Tornado Spin
Side Special Polar Express
Up Special Super Belly Flop
Down Special Wumpa Bazooka
Final Smash Aku Aku
Dio Brando


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Classic English Logo Vector)

The vampiric foe that haunts the Joestar family for generations, DIO makes his appearance in Smash as one of the few non-video game characters introduced in the game. His gameplay style is based off his appearance in B.O.K.O, which in turn based his moveset from Heritage from the Future and All Star Battle. DIO is a somewhat slow character but with a lot of strength and health. His moveset varies if his Stand is on or not.

DIO's Special Moves
Standard Special Space Ripper Stingy Eyes / Blazing Strike
Side Special Vaporization Techinque / The Finishing Blow
Up Special Teleportation / Time Teleportation
Down Special THE WORLD
Final Smash WRRRY / Time Stands Still
SSBE Shadow


Sonic 2018 logo

The ultimate lifeform, created as a being that could heal even incurable diseases but turned into a dangerous weapon in the hands of evil. Initially antagonistic, Shadow changes his ways after learning about his origins. In Project L, he is a more powerful version of Sonic, having slightly higher speed and strength at the cost of durability, he isn't as durable as Sonic and has lesser weight than him.

Shadow's Special Moves
Standard Special Chaos Strike
Side Special Chaos Spear
Up Special Chaos Control (Space)
Down Special Chaos Control (Time)
Final Smash Super Shadow
Emerl by dillanmurillo-d7ihjfc


Sonic 2018 logo

The most powerful Gizoid created by the Noctornus Clan whom was considered by Dr. Eggman to be a superweapon. Emerl has the ability to learn the skills of everyone in the cast, which makes him an unique fighter with a completely unique moveset which that the player can customize as well giving im character chips that changes his attributes to the character whose chip is installed on him.

Emerl's Special Moves
Standard Special Player's Choice
Side Special Player's Choice
Up Special Player's Choice
Down Special Player's Choice
Final Smash Ultimate Emerl


With the modifications implemmented in Project L, Smash 4 modding became easier to implement, with several mods being created utilizing the tools provided by Project L. Inthis section, you can add your own characters here, be canon or fanon, following this guidelines:

  • Utilize this template when adding characters.
  • Joke characters are allowed, low-quality joke characters however will be deleted ASAP.
  • Provide a basic description of the character and how they play like.
  • Don't ever edit this section on Visual Editor.
Character Description Creator


New Items


New Stages

Stage Description

Dr. Mario

New Trophies


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