Project Koopa is the best selling Wii U game of 2015. The game was released on March 17, 2015. The player plays as a toad named Dr. Toad.


Before Mario, a young Toad dwelled in the Mushroom Kingdom. He was very hard working, and a dreamer. One day, the evil Gatanga decided to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. King Toadsworth was out of ideas to defeat the mighty Gatanga. One day, Dr. Toad was deep in his lab, when he got a call from King Toadsworth. The King said that Gatanga has been holding all of the toads captive. Dr. Toad came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to make robotic guardians based off of the design of a Yoshi. He thought that turtles have great strengths, so the Guardians could be half turtle. He called the idea, the Koopa.


Chapter One: The First Koopa

Chapter Two: The Rise of Gatanga

Chapter Three: The Koopa Brute

Chapter Four: The Final Showdown

Chapter Five: The Malfunctioning Koopas

Chapter Six: The Return of the Brute

Chapter Seven: The Koopalings Fight Back!

Chapter Eight: The Koopa Army

Chapter Nine: The Second Invasion

Chapter Ten: The Fall of Bowser


Boss One: Gatanga's Ship

Boss Two: Koopa Prototype

Boss Three: The Alien Brute

Boss Four: Gatanga

Boss Five: Wild Koopa Troopa

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