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Software Upgrades act as the level-up unlockables in the game Project H.A.M.M.E.R. They equip and enhance M-09, the primary protaganist, with extra abilities. Software Upgrades are intilially disabled and the player can't use them until the player progresses through the story to a point were Missy Logs upgrades M-09.

List Of Software Upgrades



Brain Hack

Brain Hack

Brain Hack allows the player to see the world in a different view, making the game much easier for un-experienced players. The player can track enemies, secrets and interactable objects.



Scale allows the player to reach the top of skyscrapers or other tall objects. This can be used to see the entire city and pin-point where you want to go.

Boost Rush
Boost Rush
Boost Rush allows the player to accelerate at much faster speeds. M-09 can now sprint and can travel further in a short distance, however M-09 will make much noise which will alert enemies.

Virtuality Restoration

Restores Virtuality into its ordinary form as opposed to Vira's form and makes the place more explorable. Can be turned off or on


Name: Description:
Power Overload

Power Overload

Power Overload gives M-09 more power and deals more damage onto enemies. It increases his attack power by 20%
File:Lucky Eye.jpg

Lucky Eye

Enhances the Brain Hack ability to discover hidden things and some easter eggs.
Red Neon

Red Neon

Replaces M-09's Orange Neon with Red Neon, giving him enhanced defense against enemies. It increases his defense power by 20%
Titanium Rods

Titanium Rods

Infuses M-09's armour with Titanium Rods which raises his health. It increases his health by 20%


To unlock Software Upgrades is fairly simple. The player has to fill up the Hardware Bar with Hardware Orbs which can be obtained by destroying killer robots, defeating bosses or even just breaking interactable objects. Once the Hardware Bar is full the player can unlock a Software Upgrade

To unlock the Software Upgrade the player can press Select on the GamePad which will open up the Menu. Once the Menu is opened they can find the page entitled 'Software Upgrades' and then search for the unlockable they want and hit accept on the 'Are You Sure?' box.

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