RaDiOaCtIvE aPoCaLyPsE rEmIx
Remix of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons done by BPG that serves as the game's unofficial theme.


Project Fate is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Therefore, please do not edit except to repair spelling errors. It is a post-apocalyptic action RPG that was first revealed during 2012's first annual Fantendo Holiday Showcase, on the following page. It is an original, alternate-universe reboot of Bomb Productions' discontinued YoshiEgg Series, and their first major Fantendo-exclusive project in some time. It is set to release sometime in 2013 for the PC, and possibly for additional platforms.


Several promotional blogs were posted by Bomb Productions that were later revealed to be for Project Fate, starting on December 4, 2012 with "5", shortly followed by "4", "3", "2", and "1". Each blog, except for "1", included a message that readers were inclined to decode, which revealed the first hints of the plot of Project Fate. These promotional blogs culminated on Christmas Eve of 2012, when Bomb Productions participated in the Fantendo Holiday Showcase, where they showed a number of similar images, music files, and finally, the first concrete details on Project Fate in what is widely referred to as "0". Bomb Productions' showcase was considered a success by the community, praised for its execution and overall content.

After only a few minor announcements periodically during 2013, Bomb Productions posted a blog in June containing an ACSII text-picture of YE, with cryptic messages scattered within the text. Among these messages was a URL that redirected to artwork of a new character.

Then, almost a half a year after Project Fate was announced, BPG held a special presentation for the event Fantendo Iterum. They revealed new information about two existing games, one of which was Project Fate. You can read the entire presentation here.


During the Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012, Project Fate was described as "a Fallout meets Bioshock meets A Link to the Past, the basic gameplay of which may being based on the latter game" and "an action-adventure title with RPG elements". A complex choice system within the game was also emphasized, the events of the story being directly influenced by the decisions of the player, and a proposed "variety of diverse weapons" was also mentioned, which included images of a "Chemical Gun" and "Claw Enhancement", along with the possibility of an implemented weapon-crafting system. An overhead/top-down perspective, typical of RPGs such as various early Zelda titles, the Pokémon and Mother franchises, etc. will be used, although instead of a turn-based battle system separate from the overworld, combat will take place in real-time within the overworld. Characters and environments alike will be sprited two-dimensionally.


Project Fate's story comes in the form of an official narrative guidebook of the events of the entire game. Read the full online version here!


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