Welcome to the first conference Project Eternity Talks, in which the company will show new announcements and new games that we hope you will enjoy. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask, we will answer you as soon as possible. This page can be used by any member of Project Eternity or the affiliate companies to show new info about new games or games that are already in development. This conference will work during the days 19th, 20th and 21st of August with news.

Day 1: 19th of August 2014

BoB: The Origin of the Legend, Special DLC Outfits

This would be the craziest thing that could happen on Battle of Bracelets, but this happened. The hero role of some characters could make them wear other heroes' costumes. I mean, think about Aingeru and other characters dressed as, for example, The Legend of Zelda characters... And this is the result:

The Legend of Zelda outfits will be free DLC content that will be available when the game is released.

Sentinel's Destiny : Neo Era

This series is came out from my full imagination, I take this project really seriously and I work on it everyday. The more completed stuffs is the Cast Sheets, and a list of some specials objects, and short encyclopedia... You can look more on my Deviantart ( I am going to make a WiX blog to update the chapter of it. There will also be games. All of my other projects will be in pause, to finish and improve it, all ideas are accepted for help! Here is one of the characters, Valkyria Laki :

Day 2: 20th of August 2014

Today, we have special announcements from Project Eternity, such as the new game of one of the main series and some new announcements. We hope that you enjoy these new announcements:

Battle of Bracelets Beta

Welcome to another dimension, welcome to a planet where two species have been fighting for the control of that planet. They are Alendes, a species similar to humans with an advanced control of science but weak and Furgors, cartilaginous creatures that do not control much about knowledge but their physical power is higher. Nevertheless, not long ago, both species started to coexist under the power of an Alende emperor. But things are more hostile than what they seem, the emperor died and his young son was called to be the new emperor, and some Furgors are preparing the murder of the prince...

Archean, the son of the Oracle of Shadows Guardians and Alende, noticed that this would happen will try to help the young prince. But he is not the only one, Voltheo, a young boy from a lower-middle class family from the capital heard about it too and decided to fight against the Furgor rebels. But they will not be the only ones who will try to stop the war that some Furgors want to start. But those Furgors do not just want to control the planet, they know about a mirror dimension where other creatures called humans have a special technology and it is interesting to have.

Archean and Voltheo will have to fight also the Imperial Guard, who will see these two boys as a danger for the next emperor. The Imperial Guard has four members of the High Command, each one is under the power of an element: 

  • Phyros Phi, Imperial Guardian of Fire. According to the rest of citizens, he is the strongest.
  • Hydros Eta, Imperial Guardian of Water. She is very popular and a perfect strategist.
  • Anemos Alpha, Imperial Guardian of Air. His control of air prepares the perfect defense.
  • Ilektros Iota, Imperial Guardian of Thunder. Ilektros is the fastest guardian.

More stuff about this game will be eventually revealed.

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