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Developer(s) Flopside Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PC,3DS,Tesseract-8
Release Date(s)
Campaign,Conquest,Vs,Training,Minigames,secret stuff
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Hack and slash,Fighting,Umbrella
Series Project Dream
Successor Project Dream 2:Galactic bains
Media Included Tesseract card,3DS cartridge,Wii U disc,Steam
 Project Dream (known as the dream project in australia and surrounding countries and ドリーマーズプロジェクト[the dreamer's project] in japan) is a umbrella fighting game made for the tesseract-8,it was later ported to the 3DS,Wii U and PC,it is availabe on the undernet,e-shop and steam.


Name Picture Moveset W.I.S.H List of Skins
Tommy & Lixo
Tommy and Lixo (1)
see Movesets The Dark Ages:Lixo turns into a set of knight armour which tommy wears,a shadow sword then appears in his hand.He then homes in on nearby enemies/opponents and attacks them

Inverted(Lixo is white with blue petals,lixo is green with blue feet,cheek marks and stripes)

Reference(Tommy is white with red stripes,cheek marks and feet,lixo is completely orange-yellow with a black eyeball

Movesets Australium Armageddon:Tons of australium items appear around him.he absorbs them all and all his stats are increased to OP levels.

RED(RED Team uniform)

BLU(Blu team uniform)

Movesets Donke Kong Destruction:Several barrels and flames fall from the sky and jumpman automatically hits people with his hammer when they come near

Red Jumpman (mario)

Green Red Jumpman (luigi)

Movesets EYE OF 3D:Everything gets shitty graphics like Bubsey 3D. Bubseye is given lots of speed and his sniper rifle has infinite ammo

Distort(Swirly face)

I-FACE(The I on his t-shirt becomes his face)

Original the Character
Original the character do not steal by allthestuffilike94-d66ucad
Movesets Original Blast:He uses all 7 of the original emeralds to summon his original laser beam gun to increase his attack to original levels.

Originaler the Character(angel wings and a top hat)

Not-at-all Original the Character(sanic)

Morton Sr.
Morton Koopas Seniorr
Movesets Dry Morton:Morton has a poison effect,once he loses all his health he turns into dry morton and obtains doubled stats

The Son(bowser)

The Grandson(morton jr)

Blue Mario
Movesets Tennis Torture:Blue Mario obtains a OP tennis racket with super-high knockback and increased range with his tennis balls

the fat one(wario)

the skinny one(waluigi)


360 Noscope:Frog turns into xXx_R41NB0WFR0G_xXx

and continuously spins,he then obtains a sniper rifle and deals massive amounts of damage as a trade-off for the pisspoor accuracy

detective frog(suit and a hat)

TF2 Frog(hats,lots of hats)

Pink Gold Peach
300px-Pink Gold Peach
Movesets Blue Shell of Doom:PGP gets a blue shell which homes in and one-shots one enemy 

Purple Silver Peach

Lavender Bronze Peach

Movesets Wall-uigi:acts like the MSSC ability,waluigi cant stop running and leaves a damaging wall of thorns behind him

the old one(Jumpman)

the tennis one(Blue Mario)

Slot Machine
triple andross:his slot machine arm activates the game,and lands on 3 androsses,slot machine then spews out enemies and bombs TBA


The game is less like traditional 2D/2.5D games and more like super mario 64,hack n slash titles and the DB/Z/GT video games. The players roam around a 3D arena and must fight eachother

W.I.S.H. mechanic

Unlike most normal special moves,wishes instead usually give the user items,stat boosts and change the arena in some way(such as jumpman's which causes barrels and fireballs to rain from the sky).

Lazarus Switches

There are 3 lazarus switches in every level(usually hidden somewhere)that change the layout when attacked.


Name Pic Lazarus Modes
Half-way Stop

1.Year 3K(Futuristic,Robot police act as stage hazards)

2. Zombie Apocolypse(Ruins,zombies act as stage hazards)


Mercy Hospital

1.Payday(in the middle of the no mercy heist,payday gang and policemen act as stage hazards)

2.Left for Dead(L4D/2 campaign,survivors and zombies act as stage hazards


Sky City

1.Dimburg(aldira version of sky city)

2.Darkest Skies(the bad part of zoloria)


Star Fox SNES

1. out of this dimension



Story Mode


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