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This page lists the story of Project Divinity.

Chapter 1 - Take To The Skies!

Gabe: Where am I?

Gabe is in a large forest. A few basic obstacles appear, which Gabe will comment on.

Gabe: I better follow this path and see where it takes me.

Gabe: Huh, there’s a log in my way. Suppose I could just jump over it.

Gabe: Looks like a dead-end. Wait, there’s a log under all these rocks! Looks like I’ll have to crawl through it.

Gabe: There’s no way I’ll be able to jump over this. Or is there? I should tap the jump button a few times in the air to gain extra height. Good thing I’ve got wings!

Gabe: A locked door in the side of a cliff. Now, where’s the key? ...Hah! I better run after that purple thing with the key!

After catching the thief and unlocking the door, Gabe walk through and finds himself inside a cavern. There are many pillars of fire coming from all directions.

Gabe: Woah, this cave is pretty dark. Well, if there were no flames. I should roll past them.

At the end of the cave is a treasure chest. When opened, Gabe will receive the Armory Charm, allowing him to use melee attacks and communicate with Fornole.

Fornole: Gabe? Gabe?
Gabe: Fornole?
Fornole: Gabe!
Gabe: Fornole!
Fornole: ...Gabe?
Gabe: Fornole.
Fornole: Ah, Gabe! Good to see you’re okay! That was quite a fall.
Gabe: ...Really? I don’t really remember much.
Fornole: I’m not surprised. You fell pretty hard.
Gabe: Wait, how did I fall?
Fornole: You were coming back to the Forge with some materials, until you were caught in the radius of an Absolute Bomb.
Gabe: Ares is still at it?
Fornole: Unfortunately, yeah.
Gabe: And you gods aren’t doing anything about it?
Fornole: Listen, we’re trying our best. What’s important right now is that you get back to the Forge.

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