Project Divinity
Project Divinity
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc. (formerly),
Existence Software (formerly),
Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Adventure

Project Divinity is a 3D adventure-platforming game. Drawing inspiration from a variety of video game franchises, the game was originally conceptualized and under development by Hammy Games Inc., before development was shifted to Existence Software in January 2016. On December 2016, development shifted once again to Pyro Enterprises.


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The game is primarily split into two different segments: land-based platforming and aerial combat.


On land, the game is primarily a 3D platforming game with beat 'em up elements. Players are able to explore levels, using the flying abilities of Gabe to solve some puzzles while platforming. Combat in this mode is generally quick, as Gabe's given weapon class determines the attacks he is capable of performing. Combat is primarily done through the ClassicController y and ClassicController x buttons, as pressing them in different combinations yield different attack combos. The ClassicController y button has Gabe perform weaker attacks, while the ClassicController x button stronger ones.


Air battles are a completely different story. Wide-open areas are pretty common in a world of floating islands, so flying is always a necessity when going from one island to another. In the air, you can only fly for a limited time, though you can upgrade your flight time. Attacks are different in air battles as opposed to land battles. Projectiles are recommended, as melee attacks will stop you in mid-air and momentum may take a while to regain. Dash attacks, on the other hand, are probably the best to use in air, as you rocket through enemies.



Character Description


Character Description Chapter Debut Role
Fornole 1 Supporting
Venus 4 Supporting
Ares 7 Supporting
Vena 5 Supporting
Artemis TBA Supporting
Playable (Multiplayer)
Libra TBA Supporting
Coalique TBA Supporting
Zeus TBA Supporting


Character Description Chapter Debut Role
Erin TBA Supporting
Playable (Multiplayer)

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