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Project Divinity
Project Divinity
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc. (formerly),
Existence Software
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Adventure

Project Divinity is a 3D adventure-platforming game. Drawing inspiration from a variety of video game franchises, the game was originally conceptualized and under development by Hammy Games Inc., before development was shifted to Existence Software in January 2016.


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The game is primarily split into two different segments: land-based platforming and aerial combat.


On land, the game is primarily a 3D platforming game with beat 'em up elements. Players are able to explore levels, using the flying abilities of Gabe to solve some puzzles while platforming. Combat in this mode is generally quick, as Gabe's given weapon class determines the attacks he is capable of performing. Combat is primarily done through the ClassicController y and ClassicController x buttons, as pressing them in different combinations yield different attack combos. The ClassicController y button has Gabe perform weaker attacks, while the ClassicController x button stronger ones.


Air battles are a completely different story. Wide-open areas are pretty common in a world of floating islands, so flying is always a necessity when going from one island to another. In the air, you can only fly for a limited time, though you can upgrade your flight time. Attacks are different in air battles as opposed to land battles. Projectiles are recommended, as melee attacks will stop you in mid-air and momentum may take a while to regain. Dash attacks, on the other hand, are probably the best to use in air, as you rocket through enemies.



Character Description Chapter Debut Role
Gabe is the messenger of the Gods, while he mainly serves under Fornole. He primarily wears a blue hoodie with jeans and boots. He is the main protagonist of the series, a brave character willing to do anything for Fornole. Well, almost anything. He is skilled with every type of weapon, probably due to having to work for the god of the forge for so long. 1 Playable
Violette Violette is a female angel, serving under Venus. She wears a frilly shirt and a skirt. While Venus frowns on her wearing human clothes, she allows it nonetheless. She is mute and communicates via telepathy. As a human child, she was left an orphan living in the streets. Venus, investigating human affairs as per usual, saw her and, quite literally, took her under her wing. A decade or so later, the humans engaged in a war which spanned most of the globe. Violette actively helped to stop the war and was then gifted with telepathic abilities by Zeus. She is rather shy and upset easily, but extremely loyal to her Goddess. 4 Playable


Character Description Chapter Debut Role
Fornole Fornole is the god of the forge. He is rumoured to have crafted every weapon, or at least most of them. He is a shaggy man who looks to be in his early 20s, with a very short beard. Fornole can be rather harsh on Gabe, but cares for him nonetheless. He always seems to have a trick or two up his sleeve and knows a lot about the foes Gabe faces. He admits in Chapter 15 that the other members of Project Divinity have been helping him gather information. 1 Supporting
Venus Venus is the goddess of beauty, love and hope. She is heavily involved in keeping an eye on human affairs. She is a fashion-forward lady with high self-esteem. She wears a long dress and wears her blonde hair down. She doesn't fly with her broad wings much, preferring to walk. 4 Supporting
Ares Ares is the god of war. His main priority is keeping an eye on human wars and making sure they don’t get too out of hand. When “The Absolute War” takes place, Ares gets the blame. As such, the other gods are bent on ridding him of his godly abilities and forcing him to live the rest of his life as a human. He is stubborn, but also has a typical “cool guy” attitude. He enjoys a good bloodbath, but tries to keep it to a minimum. 7 Supporting
Vena Vena is the god of revenge. You can imagine that he's good at holding grudges, being the embodiment of vengeance and whatnot. He is also sneaky and cunning, always getting his own way. When Ares was blamed for the Absolute War, of course Vena pounced at the opportunity. Quite literally, seeing as he often takes the form of a black wolf. 5 Supporting
Artemis Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and the moon. She is very serious and doesn’t approve of any of her warriors falling for a man so, naturally, she doesn’t get along well with Venus. She leads the Lunar Huntresses, a group of female humans and angels who vow to never marry. Artemis is skilled with a bow and arrow, which Gabe assumes is why that’s her symbol. Way to go, Gabe. TBA Supporting
Playable (Multiplayer)
Libra Libra is the goddess of stars. She doesn’t seem satisfied with her position and acts nothing like how you would expect a space goddess to act. She is somewhat childish and gets upset when things don’t go her way. She treasures her necklace more than anything in the world. What she doesn’t realise is that it is the source of hers and the stars power. TBA Supporting
Coalique Coalique is the childish goddess of life. Her youthful appearance reflects in her personality, being an immature girl. She is one of Gabe's main companions. As the goddess of life, you can imagine she loves all life equally. Except bugs. They can go extinct for all she cares. TBA Supporting
Zeus Zeus is the god of lightning. He doesn’t do much, really. He gifts angels or humans who have done great deeds powers, but that’s about it. He has electric powers, but that’s something you’d expect. He is rather cocky and full of himself, believing he is greater than everyone else. He's also a really laid-back guy who likes to summon thunderstorms for his own amusement. Unfortunately, this might hinder your chances of reaching him. TBA Supporting


Character Description Chapter Debut Role
Erin Erin is a bird-loving human and a follower of Artemis. She is skilled with a sword, but loves birds more than anything else. Birds, birds, birds, that’s all she talks about! Her archery is pretty unimpressive though, and you need to be a skilled archer to join the Lunar Huntresses, so that’s a bummer. If only we knew a weapon god or an angel skilled with every kind of weapon. TBA Supporting
Playable (Multiplayer)

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