Project Conspiracy
Developer(s) Blecki Hearts
Publisher(s) Blecki Hearts
Platform(s) 3DS

PS Vita

Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Rated M for Mature
Genre(s) Action

Visual Novel



Media Included 3DS Card

PS Vita Card

Project Conspiracy (tentative title) is an upcoming visual novel/action/puzzle/strategy game being developed by Blecki Hearts for the 3DS and PS Vita. The game is about 12 characters that get trapped in a vast city, and they are forced to survive by playing a game called the "Conspiracy Game", a game hosted by a small and cute yet sadistic and zany android named Rivet. The characters also search for the following mysteries: "Why are they trapped in the city?", "What is the history behind the Conspiracy Game?", "Who's the mastermind behind this all?", etc.

The Conspiracy Game

The Story

The Gameplay

The Characters

  • Miles Abscone - An eighteen year old boy who is the protagonist of the Project Conspiracy. Miles is known to be very casual, emotional, intelligent, and sometimes foolish person. Despite this, he seems to be very unaware about his past, and it turns out that he is the only person trapped in the city who has amnesia. He's friends with almost everyone (especially Brooke) with the participants of the Conspiracy Game, even though the can be a little unusual and traitorous at times. Somes of Mile's goals (besides leaving the city) is to find out about his past, and why a bland person like him is trapped inside the city, forced to play the Conspiracy Game.
  • Brooke Verity - A seventeen year old girl who is from the city of Georgia. Brooke is a very strange character, mainly because she can be very cheerful and social until her personality changes into a mysterious and cold person. She is currently studying to be a homicide defense attorney, as she thinks that mysteries are very intriguing. She is very fond of Miles, finding him a sophisticated yet comical at times. Like Miles, her reason why she's part of the Conspiracy Game is unknown.
  • Connor Sonnenfield

The Locations

The Mini-Games


  • Dangan Ronpa, Zero Escape, and Mario Party are the main inspirations of the game.

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