Project Cipher is a combat game developed by Pyro Enterprises. While heavily inspired by games such as Gears of War and Gigantic in terms of gameplay, it also takes several gameplay and community-based attributes from Minecraft.


In the year 2500, robotics has become the world's predominant industry. From massive flying airship-like transporters to nanoscopic medical drones, nearly every aspect of human life has been improved by robots of all shapes and sizes.

This extends to entertainment as well. Instead of video games, most kids amuse themselves with Ciphers, humanoid RC robots that respond to mental commands and duplicate their owners thoughts as if they were their own. Recently, Cipher-related events have become a major form of sporting event, comparable to basketball or baseball. Kids the world over now compete to become the world's greatest Cipher user.

Of course, some opposition has built up over the years to the influx of robotic advancement- most notably the UPARI, an organization that believes that too much focus on robotics will lead to the demise of the human race.



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