Project 384 is a evil mutant from the Fyre series,but now he is more of an antihero.

Project 384
Full Name Project 384
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Villian, Antihero
Family and Relations
Dr.Mutator (creator)
Main Weapon(s) Pyrokinesis
First Appearance The Adventure of Fyre
Latest Appearance Fyre 2:Return of the Fox


Project 384 was one of many mutated animals created by an unknown scientist. He was named Project 384 because he was (obviously) the 384th mutated animal. It is currently unknown what species he was before the mutation,but he was most likely a bat or a lion. The scientist sent him out to steal Fyre's flame jewel so he could use the pyrokinesis to conquer the world.


In the first game, Project 384 is a very evil character,and he will do whatever he can to be victorious. Eventually, he becomes more heroic in Fyre 2:Return of the Fox when he has a flashback to his past, and almost kills himself saving Fyre's life.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Fyre-Project 384 used to hate Fyre,because he is the reason he didnt conquer the world. Eventually in Fyre 2,he saved Fyre's life after a flashback,and now they are more of rivals than enemies.

Roll the Armadillo-Project 384 thinks that Roll should really believe he is on the good side now. He is also impressed by Roll's powers.

Thundurr the Lion-Project 384 thinks that Thundurr is very immature.

Game appearancesEdit

The Adventure of FyreEdit

He debuted in this game as the main antagonist.

Fyre 2: Return of the FoxEdit

In this game, he is the main antagonist again, but he turns into more of an antihero when he saves Fyre's life.