Program L.A.N.D.E.R is a spiritual succesor to the Mega Man series but with many of its own elements, taking inspirtation from many other games such as Metroid and Mighty No. 9's original concept. The game was released in 2017 exclusively for the Starry Skies.


In the distant future AI is advanced to the point where people are making robots capable of free thought, these robots are known as "Excel Models", they're mostly produced by "Beacom", a giant company affiliated with the government of the USA owned by "Doctor Landerson", who puts all Excel Models through a process where they're put in a stasis state as their AI is put through a virtual simulation world known as "Program L.A.N.D.E.R", in which they're tested for 1 month so they can learn about peace and avoid turning evil. However, some companies have tried making Excel Models ilegally, these Excel Models either work badly or turn evil quickly, these Excel Models that turn evil are classified by the government as "Defectives".

Doctor Landerson, feeling bad over how Defectives are punished after witnessing a Defective being shot down by the government, tries making a new Excel Model with the ability to analyze the good and bad and judge Defectives to try and deal with them in a more peaceful way, this Excel Model is called "Judge", however, shortly after seeing how the government cruelly treats Defectives he sees the government as a threat and turns Defective himself as he hacks into Program L.A.N.D.E.R to "wake up the Excel Models that have been treated cruelly by the government" and activates a group of Excel Models who join Judge in his new organization, "Wake-up Call".

Now Doctor Landerson, after seeing his mistake, has made a brand new Excel Model from the leftovers of Judge's attack and programs a brand new type of Excel Model, named "Miroir" (meaning "mirror" in french), this new Excel Model is programmed with the ability to scan other Excel Models' abilities and mirror them, and so Dr. Landerson gives them the mission to take out Wake-up Call and end Judge's rampage.


The game takes inspiration from Mega Man, Metroid, A.R.E.S and Mighty No. 9.

The player goes through stages in a 2D cell-shaded style with platforming reminiscent of old Mega Man games as they play as Miroir who can use their "Scrap Blaster", an arm cannon able to fire pieces of junk which can be charged up to fire bigger pieces that do more damage. In the stages the player finds a variety of enemies that, when defeated, can drop materials for upgrading Miroir's abilities and armor.

The most important mechanic in the game is Miroir's "Mirror Armour", which allowed him to copy enemies' abilities by defeating them and collecting enough fragments to make an upgrade, which could then be installed into his body to be used in later missions, in other words, after collecting enough fragments of a certain enemy the player gets the ability to equip an upgrade based on that enemy's abilities, the upgrade can be for the Head, Legs, Arms or Torso.

There's also the "Data Scanner", a scanner that allows Miroir to scan enemies and save their data on the "Excelopedia", a giant database that stores info on all enemies and bosses, filling this database is one of the requirements for 100

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