"I will get you for this, X2. Somehow... Someway... You WILL pay!"-Z9 telling X2 he will get his revenge

Professor Z9 is the leader of the Redworx and the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak 3. He was once good friends with Professor X2, until he thought he tried to steal his fame. His idea to lead the Red Ants to victory is to send all the Dark Iku across the universe, not knowing that it would eliminate everything in the process.


Before he became a Redworx, Z9 and X2 were best friends in their early years of Red University. They both planned to take over earth togethor but after X2 found out Z9's plan is to use all the Dark Iku on the universe, he tattles on Sekto about the plans (as it can destroy the universe). Sekto expells Z9 from University, which leads Z9 to believe X2 is trying to take over earth himself and vows to get revenge on him.

Prof Z9 spent milleniums learning about the Dark Iku, where he found out X2 was right about this. However, he knew only robots will survive the Dark Iku outbreak, so he turns himself into a cyborg he named "Redworx". Z9 began creating many types of Redworx such as Bomber, Spinner, Tank, etc. He also organized his own henchman: T5, S7, F7, M2, C8, HC, B6, W4 and even Madame Rosalina.

However, his plans get foiled by Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby and X2 as they destroy his Redworx and his henchman. Later, Z9 managed to go to the Dark Raven Ship to send all the Dark Iku in the universe, but the gang catch up with him as the Pasikus destroy the ship. Z9 manages to go into a Dark Goliath, and heads to destroy Sunny City and Samos Jungle.

The gang fight the goliath in the middle of the ocean where they fire a projectile of bubble, fire, lightening, zap energy, shock and launched by Tubby that heads right to the head, destroying the entire goliath and killing Z9.