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Professor X2's BLASTED Game

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Professor X2's BLASTED Game is one of the arcade games in Skip and Sqak Rangers. The game is a shooting game where the players take cotnrol of Professor X2, Adviser Veger and two Ant Soldiers. All 4 playable ants can use a Zap Pistol, Laser Blaster, and Rocket Launcher.



  • X2's Lab (BOSS: Ant Brute)
  • Veger's Library (BOSS: Ant Walker)
  • Battle Field (BOSS: Ant Tank)
  • Ant Hive (BOSS: Big Ceterian)
  • Xoon Desert (BOSS: Ant Worm)


There is an Achievment/Trophy in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version called "BLASTED Expert!"

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