Professor X2

Professor X2 with his ray gun

Professor X2 is the Main Antagonist of the Skip and Sqak Series. He was also the Chief Antagonist in his debut, where he plans to use Dark Iku to turn the world dark forever but his plans were foiled by the SSFF Team. From then on, he is the gang's worst enemy.

He is also the Main Antagonist of the anime series, where he tries several ways to take over earth.

Skip and Sqak 2

Professor X2 first appeared in the meeting with the Red Ant Army discussing on how they need to capture a Blue Frog and Red Bird who defeated Emporer Dante millions ago for a cash reward but his army was no match for his enemies so he decides to create his special team, the Skip and Sqak Search and Smash Squad (SSSSS)

The members he created were Grubber, Grounder, Coconuts, Hip and Hop, Bigmouth, Bully, Cheatsy, and Dr. Sakerine. He orders the SSSSS to take over earth with the Red Ant Army but he realizes that even his special henchman couldn't defeat the SSFF.

Professor X2 also "saved" Mia who falls madly in love with him so X2 plans to be married on the night of the operation. X2's plans are being taken down by the SSFF Team, much to his outrage so on the Wedding Night, Mia gets rescued by Skip and Sqak with X2 calling his guards to get them. Later, The Red Ant Invasion begins on the night of the Race Tournament while the SSFF try to race for a wish to go home. As the city gets attacked by Red Ants, X2 begins the Dark Iku Laser Tizer that will send Dark Iku all over the world.

The SSFF manage to fight X2 and his Henchman who are all controlling the Dark Defense Demolition Deltas (DDDD). When the gang destroy the DDDD, X2 falls into Dark Iku that turns him into a Monster. The massive X2 gets defeated and quickly turned to his normal form, and he was about to kill the SSFF by zapping them with his laser gun until Mia breaks into the room.

Mia loses her temper as she saw X2 trying to hurt her kids and brutally beats up every SSSSS Member before she gets her hands on X2, who tried to talk his way out of it by saying it was his Henchman's fault but she ignores his excuses and begins punching his stomach 50 times(!) and breaks up with him.

Soon, a knocked out X2 is surrounded by Blue Ant Soldiers and gets arrested along with his SSSSS Team. At prison, Professor X2 is locked in a small cage for "midget scientists", and according to Roshan, he's gonna be in that cage for a "very, very, VERY long time".

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