Professor Willow is a Pokémon professor from Hey You, Pichu!. She resides in Burbong a town in Mulwaree. She has long purple hair and is considered very attractive.


Hey You, Pichu!

In Hey You, Pichu! she gives the player their first pokemon a Pichu and comes to visit the player twice a week to check up on their progress, she can also be visited when on walks with Pokemon.

Lego Pokemon

In LEGO Pokemon: The Video Game she returns as the regional professor. This time we find out where the region is and what her starters are. Sometimes after you have defeated the Elite 4 she can be seen going out of her lab and in a house near your and talking to a child, which is implied to be the protagonist from Hey You, Pichu!.

Wrapped Up

Professor Willow appears in Wrapped Up where it is revealed that Professor Willow keeps in contact with Professor Elm from Johto who reccomeds that his proteges Iron and Amber come to Mulwaree. When she meets up with them in Burbong she recommends that Ted and Alice, the children from Hey You, Pichu! show them around the normally safe Mulwaree. She is playable in multi player mode.


  • She is based off Professor Ivy from the Pokemon Anime
  • She has a GS ball on her desk.
  • She is the first female professor from a game.