Professor Uranium
Full Name Professor Uranium
Current Age 45
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Location Dimensional Vector
Current Status Alive
Class Scientist


Family and Relations
Enemy of Dragoroth
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Ability/ies Brain Power
Vulnerable To Darkness
First Appearance Jack Dimensional
Latest Appearance Jack Dimensional

Professor Uranium is your average-everyday scientist. He has wild black hair, glasses, and a white lab coat. He is the brother of Doctor Vector, the creator of the Dimensional Vectory. Along with his brother, he despises Dragoroth for his take-over of the Dimensional Vector, and assists Jack and Jeld by opening a shop in Jack Dimensional.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Professor Uranium has wild, spikey black hair and pale skin. He wears rimless, black glasses, and a white lab coat. He has a black shirt, tan cargo pants, and black boots.



  • Jack 'Elemental' Fresha- Jack is Uranium's ally. They both despise Dragoroth for his actions.
  • Jeld Fresha- Jeld is also Uranium's ally, because he is another 'Jack.'
  • Doctor Vector- Vector is the brother of Uranium, and they share the hatred of Dragoroth.


  • Dragoroth- Dragoroth took over the Dimensional Vector, and is therefore the enemy of Professor Uranium.