Professor Polodi
Full Name Professor Lazada Polodi
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Polodi Star Station
Class Master mad scientist
Team Polodi
Ability/ies Superior engineering, way better than anyone else, super hacking,
Vulnerable To None
Nationality Planet Isolon
First Appearance Capella
Latest Appearance Sirena

Professor Polodi is a big-time badguy in most games by Reaper Games.

Relationships with other teams

Team Name: Polodians

Allies: None

Enemies: Every team in the universe!

Battle Skill Ability: Unforgivable



In this game, Professor Polodi is the antagonist. This time, he creates the Parasites.

Capella 3

Polodi gets revenge by hunting Capella down on the chase. He reveals everytime he is defeated he always comes back. He has pulled several pranks toward Capella; In the ending, Professor Polodi has finished the gems, and sends them to other planets to pull some evil tricks.

  • Grounding her for trillions of years
  • Freezing her in the end

Polodi's Revenge

Polodi gets revenge again by trying to conquer the Inklings' planet. He found out this by when the time capsule the Inklings sent, was found by the tractor beam. He reveals that the humans actually did survive the radioactive waves by using two starships. One was running by the Grandians, and one was running by the Polodians. His sole purpose was to find out what was responsible for making his original home apocalyptic. They both split up and made it to different planets.


In Sirena, Professor Polodi is the final boss. Polodi's evil plan is use the Phantom Satellite to take over the Xenian's planet.


In Capella 3, it is revealed that Polodi actually has a sidekick named Ddcompany.

The way of grounding people for trillions of years is a reference to GoAnimate.