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Professor Pester was a scrapped character who was originally going to be the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak 2. He'd be a Red Ant Cyborg who kidnaps Blue Ant Villagers to use as slaves for his Red Ant Operation. In a concept art, Pester would have an enormous laser gun which is probably his main weapon.

The character was scrapped when Namcom was more interested in making X2 instead.


  • He'll look almost like Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank 3, but Pester is all purple and his eyes are on each side of his head.
  • Whenever he's stressed, he has smoke coming out of his head and sometimes has toast popping out of his head.
  • In Back In Action, at the Ant Museum sometimes Cal 4000 will say "There was once an Ant Scientist who tried to destroy the world before X2 did. I believe the name was... Pester."

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