Professor Layton and the Mysterious Hangover
Developer(s) Levuelele 5
Publisher(s) Ninininitendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
12 Oktember 9230
Single Player

Complete Hangover

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle of what happened last night
Media Included Bottle of pure Whisky

Professor Layton and the Mysterious Hangover is a 3DS game developed by Levuelele 5 and published by Ninininitendo. The story involves Professor Layton and Luke having a complete hangover. They have to solve puzzles to get home.


Professor Layton and Luke go to Amsterdam. You can think the rest by yourself, but I'm going to tell the complete story. They enter a coffee shop and then, we see still images of what happens that night in 3D! Then, the screen turns black for a minute and after that, the Professor and Luke wake up. They don't know where they are neither what they are. They explore Amsterdam and solve puzzles to get home. Unfortunately, a woman wants money from last night, so they have to get away very quick. After all, they get home with a hangover from here to Tokyo.

Oh yeah, Luke was high as shit and talked to animals.


There isn't any map because you don't know where you are. You can walk in different buildings, such as shops, houses with red lightning and coffee shops, to get some coffee. Puzzles are pretty much the same as in the normal games.

Hangover Layton

Hangover Layton, as pictured above, also appeared in Sinterklaas: The Game as guest star in Amsterdam.

Character Art

Drunk professor layton

Hangover Layton

Doesn't know who he is, where

he is and overall: What he is.

Drunk luke

Hangover Luke

Same concept as Layton, except his

younger then 18 years.


The company Levuelele 5 was smoking weird stuff when they made this. They made this in one night in Amsterdam and gave it to Ninininitendo, which highly apricated it.