Professor Layton and the Midnight Ship
Developer(s) AdFinch Gaming
Publisher(s) AdFinch Gaming
Platform(s) DS/ 3DS
Release Date(s)
Spring 2014 (Europe, Australia and Americas)
Autumn 2013 (Japan and China)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Media Included DS Game Card

Professor Layton and the Midnight Ship was developed by AdFinch Gaming. It is a sequel to the Unwound Future, although Level-5 were unsure of whether the game would be successful enough, so AdFinch stepped in to develop it instead. No images have been released at the time of writing. 

Main Characters

  • Layton (protagonist)
  • Luke (deuteragonist)
  • Flora Reinhold (tritagonist)
  • Inspector Chelmey
  • Barton 
  • Unnamed Antagonist


Professor Layton and Flora are visiting Luke in his new home, as it's his 14th birthday. Halfway through the boat journey, a mysterious ghostly vessel passes the boat our heroes is on. What is this elusive boat? Who is its driver? Find out in Professor Layton and the Midnight Ship...

Release Info

The game will be the first since the Last Specter to be available on the normal DS and 3DS. Plans to release this game in Japan during Autumn 2013 are unsure, but it has been confirmed that Spring 2014 will bring it to the Americas and Europe. We're just gonna have to wait over here...

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