In this the team are in a cruise ship investigating a stolen orb, and the trail of destruction it leaves behind it.




This chapter contains puzzles 001, 002 and 003. It shows Layton, Luke and Emmy rushing onto the ship.

Chapter 1: A Close Encounter

This chapter has puzzles 004 to 025 and shows the team exploring the ship and briefly in danger with the Evil Eagle.

Chapter 2: The Problems are Aboard

This chapter includes 34 more puzzles, and shows the lowest deck getting flooded so get any necessary things there in chapter 1. In it Luke also finds the mask of the Evil Eagle.

Chapter 3: The True Eagle

In this chapter 50 more puzzles are found! At about halfway the gang need to get to the second floor, but someone is stopping them incase it gets flooded if you complete 100 puzzles then he wil let you go through! inside you meet the Evil Eagle, who reaveles himself as Jack Helmfry, the ship's doctor!


Easter Eggs

  • If you tap on Inspector Chelmey he will raise his fist and shake it in anger!
  • If you look in a suitcase thats left absent you can see a picture of a 8 bit Link and a Mario.
  • If you tap on any dog they will run in circles!

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