Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation


Professor layton in SSBDevastation

Professor Layton solves in! He debuted in 2007, so he's fought in the first level of the All-Star Mode.

How to unlock

  • Win 160 VS matches.
  • Complete the 20th level of "Who know all Nintendo?" once.
  • Have him join you in the Story Mode.

With the exception of the third way, you must defeat Professor Layton in London with Enigma Theme on.


Professor Layton is a balanced fighter without any strong point or weak point. Unlike Mario or Luigi, Professor Layton's moves usually involves in multi-hit attacks. Professor Layton's best asset is his aerial one: he has many good moves such as his down aerial and back aerial. His neutral aerial is also unusual because it has reverse sex kick proprieties and a 45 degrees angulation. His special moves can't KO, but they are very useful tools. Layton's main problem is in KOing opponents: his Smashes are subpar but, by damaging opponents, Layton can avoid this problem.

  • Weight: 6/10
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Jump: 6/10
  • Throws: 4/10

Special moves

  • Standard: Camera. Professor Layton uses his camera's flash to inflict minor damages (2%), reflect projectiles and dizzy opponents. This move has a paralyzing effect, so the higher is opponent's damage, the further he will fly after the paralyzing effect has finished. Customization: Wide Flash Camera/Narrow Flash Camera.
  • Side: Luke. Professor Layton launches Luke forward. He will cling onto the opponents like a Pikmin. However, Luke has a better range than Pikmin but once he has attacked, he won't inflict damage again. Customization: Curved Launch/Iron Luke.
  • Up: Umbrella Rocket. Professor Layton propels himself by using his umbrella. He will move like Snake's Cypher. Customization: Explosive Umbrella/Cutting Umbrella.
  • Down: Layton Vortex. Professor Layton spins like Mario Tornado and Luigi Cyclone. However, Layton spins using his hat as a weapon, inflicting slash damage. Each spin inflicts 3% of damage. Customization: Soaring Vortex/Clothesline Vortex.
  • Final Smash: Impossible Puzzle. Professor Layton creates a casual puzzle with a vacuum effect. Opponents will be caught if they are too close. It's possible for the opponents to solve the puzzle as they can move into puzzle's area. They will take damage until they solve the puzzle or after 18 seconds. Layton can attack the opponents caught inside the puzzle.

Technical facts

  • Air dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes
  • Traction: high
  • Weight value: 100

Trophy descriptions

Like most characters, Professor Layton has four trophies (Classic, Arena, Alt. and Impossible Puzzle). However, there's also Luke trophy (in the Assist Trophies category).

Professor Layton (Classic Mode)

Hershel Layton, known as the Professor Layton, is an archeology professor, graduated when he was 27. His zodiac sign is Capricorn, so you can understand when he was born (more or less). He is very smart as he is more known is solving puzzles than in archeology but, when he got the wrong answer, he isn't very happy... But, as he says, "Every puzzle has an answer!"

Appeared in: Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS, 2/2007), Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (DS, 11/2008), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS, 2/2011), Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS, 2/2013).

Professor Layton (Arena Mode)

Hershel may look calm and pacific but he knows what to do in a fray! His Camera can be used to take wonderful photos... And to paralyze opponents! Use it at the correct moment, and you will deflect projectiles, paralyze opponents and inflict damage! Also, if the foe is hard to take down, launch to him Luke! He is a good move, whereby Layton launches his helper to the opponents and he will cling to them! Very funny!

Special Moves: Camera (Standard), Luke (Side).

Professor Layton (Alt.)

Layton may not be the heaviest character in the roster, but he has few troubles in recovery! His up special, Umbrella Rocket, can be used to have a directional recovery which travels very far. His down special too is a recovery tool, Layton Vortex, is a melee move, in which he will spin quickly. If used in the air, Layton will fly up.

Special Moves: Umbrella Rocket (Up), Layton Vortex (Down).

Impossible Puzzle

Every puzzle has an answer! Layton creates an impossible enigma, and the opponents have to solve it! Think about this, think about that and Layton is attacking to you! If you are caught inside, you won't be able to move and you will get damage until you solve the puzzle- or if the time is left!

Appeared in: Super Smash Bros. Devastation (NX, 2021).

Palette swap

  • Classic
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Pink
  • Cyan
  • Dark

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