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Professor Layton: Night of the Ghosts

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Professor Layton: Night of the Ghosts (レイトン教授:幽霊の夜 Reiton kyōju: Yūrei no yoru in japanese)



  • Professor Layton
  • Luke Triton
  • Ghost Girl
  • Nick the Ghost
  • Bob the Ghost

Voice Cast (Enghish)

  • Christopher Robin Miller
  • Jeremy Shada
  • Laura Bailey
  • Patrick Seitz
  • Travis Willingham

Voice Cast (Latin America)

  • Alan Prieto
  • Memo Aponte
  • Romina Marroquin Payro
  • Moisés Iván Mora
  • Arturo Cataño

Voice Cast (Japanese)

  • Yo Oizumi
  • Maki Horikita
  • Kozue Harashima
  • Yuki Tai
  • Wataru Takagi


  • There was originally going to be a scene that would feature Layton and Luke playing a Nintendo Gamecube.

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