Professor Hector in Super Smash Bros. Riot.

Professor Hector was a character that appeared in the NES games that worked with the R.O.B. peripheral: Stack-Up and Gyromite. In the games' canon, he, alongside Professor Vector, was the creator of R.O.B.


Epic Mario

Professor Hector serves as the villain in Epic Mario, trying to steal Mario's heart to get out of the Wasteworld. He parodies The Mad Doctor in the original Epic Mickey.

Nintendo K

In the classic era Nintendo racing game, Nintendo K, Professor Hector appears as a default racer. By holding both L and R while selecting him, he also changes into Professor Vector. This is a minor aesthetic change and does not effect gameplay.

R.O.B. is also a default racer, appearing alongside Professor Hector. This also marks the first game where both Hector and his creation are playable in the same game.


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