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Professor Elm
Proffesor Elm
Proffesor Elm's sprite.
Full Name Professor Elm
Current Age 68
Gender Male
Location New Bark Town
Class Pokémon Proffesor
Main Weapon(s) Pokémon
First Appearance Pokemon Iron and Amber
Latest Appearance Wrapped Up

Professor Elm is the Pokémon professor from New Bark Town in Pokemon Iron and Amber and Pokemon Copal. He is very old and is easily confused, he is a bit nutty and constantly refers to Iron as Gold and Amber as Kris. Sometimes in the middle of telling you something he will scream an odd phrase such as "Oh no my Pokémon has been stolen!" or "I wonder what that egg hatched into".

You battle him once in the game, as soon as he give you his started Pokémon he thinks that you have stolen it and challenges you to a Pokémon battle. He orders his Pokémon to do nothing but growl and tail whip as he always thinks that it's the first turn of battle.


  • lvl 2 - Rattata
  • lvl 2 - Sentret
  • lvl 2 - Zigzagoon
  • lvl 2 - Bidoof

Serving as a guide

Once heavily medicated Professor Elm has found himself somewhat more helpful to Iron and Amber in Wrapped Up he is much more lucid than before but still suffers from momentary lapses in judgement. After the two have both completed their poxedexes in the Johto region he suggests that they travel the world in order to become true Pokemon masters.