Professor Kud L.E. Kenski
Proffeser Cuddly


Full Name Kud L.E. Kenski
Gender Male
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Professor
Height 3 centimeters
Professor Cuddly is a Friendly Gremlin and is extremely cute. He is very smart, and invents things for the S.O.E. He is beleived to be Button's grandfather, but this has not been proven and is probably not true. Often, takes out his rocket. He blasts off, breaks through the roof, then hear some screaming. He then jumps out into space, wearing a space suit. Soon enough, he goes back down to Earth and notices Loop and Coy sitting on the ground.== Inventions ==

The Time Button: Travels through time

Rocket: Goes into space and other high places

Rocket Board: Given to Shades and is now called Heat

Weather Machine: Changed weather, but caused an accident. Button doesn't know it, but this accident made Blark.

Dimension Device: Allows you to travel to a different world

Bubble Bazooka: Shoots bubbles at people. The bubbles are so big, they trap whoever they hit inside of them.

Proffesor Cuddly Life Creator: Currently at the Friend Gremlin Adoption Center

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