Professor Antstein
Professor Antstein
The grumpy guardian of Tak and Zac
Full Name Professor Antstein
Gender Male
Species Ant
Location Ant Village
Current Status Active
Class Scientist
Ant Scientist
Ability/ies Inventing
First Appearance Tak-Zac The Insect Prophecy (2002)
Professor Antstein is a Main Character in the Tak-Zac Series. He is the only Ant Scientist who studies on the Ancient Gold Locusts. He raised Tak and Zac since they were larvas, even though they both get on his nerves.

The Insect Prophecy

Professor Antstein has spent years trying to make Zac more magical like the other Gold Locusts, but always fails. Later, he knew only one bug can give Zac powers, and that someone is Zoster.

Before the duo can find Zoster, Queen Tayra comes in the lab and tells the three Ants that Tarantulas stole the Ant Land's Loki Heart and captured all the Gold Locusts. Professor Antstein decides to help the duo rescue all the Loki Hearts by building vehicles such as the Water Bug Boat, Dragon Plane, Beetle Tank, and Bee Jet they use in some parts of the game.

Later, when they realized Zoster is behind the operation, Zoster was mad at Antstein for "wasting" his plan to upgrade the Loki Hearts and decides to get revenge. Antstein was soon taken prisoner in Zoster's lair along with the other Bug Leaders, but Tak and Zac came and rescued him. Soon, after Zoster was defeated, Antstein believes Zoster might return from the Shadow World but his hypothesis remains unclear.


  • Despite having a "t" in his name, his name is pronounced "An-Stein".
  • Antstein is a pun on the word "Entstein".