"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

~President Roosevelt

The Arkmiedo Criminal Facility

Above Earth

August 5, 2090

5:00 AM

The warden of Arkmiedo strolled the halls quietly. He saw the death and destruction, something his old mind was quite used to after working in Arkmiedo since day one. The President of the United States of America, Beros Hilfaten was coming today to visit. Arkmiedo was his child, that he worked on many years before he was part of any political group.

The warden walked forward into the Staff Room. Officers stood at their post and saluted him. The warden chuckled at it and asked the chief officer if there were any events planned for today in Arkmiedo. The chief officer was both amused and shocked for some reason, interested with the warden's old mind.

"Sir, today the President is coming to visit!" he told distressed.

"Of where?" the warden plainly asked.

"The US, sir!" the officer said.

"Oh dear. All things are set in order though, correct?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" the officer shouted.

"Good, good!" the warden said pleased.

The warden slowly strolled away as the officer turned away, worried and amused by the old warden. He passed by a cell and heard a particularly awful shriek, one unlike the usual insanity of the many prisoners. He stopped by and asked the prisoner whatever was wrong.

"F6 is out man! Get me out of here! I can-I can help man." the rough prisoner yelled through the tough glass.

"Oh my dear old fellow" the warden said amused. He almost fell for the tricks of a prisoner.

The warden walked forward and keeled over, shocked at the sight ahead.

"Chief Officer sir!" one young recruit yelled.

"What?" the chief officer said in a leisurely voice. Recruits were always shocked by some sight, but the chief had seen many in the ship.

"Mr. Warden is dead!" he screeched.

"What?!" the chief officer responded. He asked the young one to take him to where he found the Warden. The Warden was old, but nothing had ever done this to him before. The team went ahead and found a released prisoner who had gone completely blue. His eyes rolled back into his head and he merely muttered "SO COLD. SO COLD." over and over again.

"What?" the chief asked confused.

"SO COOOOOLD," he repeated.

"Chief?" the recruit asked in fear.

"Get a party of four to come along. You take the warden and get the Psychiatrist to take a look at the poor old warden." the Chief instructed.

"Yes sir." he responded.

The team went ahead and found more people with the same condition, their cells untouched. The troop came along with guns at ready.

"Sir?" one asked.

"What's the matter kid?" the chief muttered.

"Where is the thing?" he whispered.

"That's what we're looking for," he yelled.

The dialogue woke the prisoner as he ran forward. The fiend dashed toward the elevator. They followed the shady monster in hot pursuit.

"ELEVATOR RETURNING" the computer said.

"Come on." the chief said scared.

The team boarded the elevator and tracked the monster to the floor below.

"What's gonna happen?" one recruit whispered.

"We're gonna kill it." the chief said confidently.

The elevator opened and they found the monster sucking the blood of a prisoner. They shot all over, taking out the prisoner and injuring the monster, a tall alien figure with a black skinny body and jump. Blue blood spilled out and mixed in a purplish hue combined with the prisoner's red human blood.

"So cold. Cold." the prisoner whispered before dying.

One recruit looked over but was dragged on and they followed the monster, now slowed down by the injury. The chief sniped the monster soon when it stopped to get more prey, not learning. It keeled over and blue blood splattered on the troop, the recruits staring over in horror.

"Ugh. Oh dear, whatever happened?" the warden said, waking.

"Oh. You just passed out, sir." the psychiatrist muttered.

"Again?" the warden questioned.

The president arrived.

"Everything alright?" he questioned.

"Of course, Mr. President" the warden responded.






"Keep telling yourself that chief. We're the real monsters."

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