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The magical energy of Prism is a major force in the game Olive, an action-RPG by N Studios. It is derived from the Origin Point, a location within Utomina that houses the original source of Prismite.



Prismkeepers are powerful figures within the universe of Olive. They are individuals with the ability to control Prism energy, and who have been trained in the art of such. They channel their power from mystical devices known as Resonance Chains. Many notable characters from Olive are able Prismkeepers, including Olive Kasza herself.


The Guardians of Utomina

When Utomina was first settled by the Original Children, they relied on the unique presence of Prism energy in the land to protect themselves and advance their existences. Centuries later, the now prosperous country held true to this idea of Prism guardianship, and created the position "Prismkeeper" as a sort of honorable, high-class occupation that would keep the peace in their regions and work to better the lives of all citizens. Since the job relied on the ability to control Prism energy, only descendants of the Original Children were eligible. This could easily be identified by a visible manifestation of the ability near a person's pre-teen years.

Prismkeepers originally were very nomadic, preferring to act as an equal and balanced whole. However, over time some extraordinarily-skilled Keepers decided to instill a hierarchical system, as the number of Keepers and potential students was continuing to grow into something unfit for "small group thinking." This movement was led by a young Presume Lux, who became the first...and last High Lord.

The Legends of Pangaia

Keepers' Return


At their height, Prismkeepers were categorized by skill. The highest-ranking Prismkeepers usually held great political power in addition to their talent with Prism energy.

Prism Masters


Potential Prismkeepers, wherever they were found throughout Utomina, began their training by traveling to the settlement of Keeperbyrth in the southeast, a part of Pangaic-day Kraj. There, from about the ages of 12 to 18, the teachers from the nearby Tower Beta would instruct the children.

Once a Prismkeeper graduates from their training, they are assigned to a Keeper Tower by the High Lord, and start receiving their work from there.

Resonance Chains

Keeper Towers







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