Princia Ramode
Princia RamodeGX
Princia Ramode as she appeared in F-Zero GX.
Full Name Princia Ramode
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
First Appearance F-Zero GX (2003)
Latest Appearance F-Zero AX (2003)
Princia Ramode is an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero series. She pilots the Spark Moon.


Princia was born a princess in the royal family of Magica, a kingdom located on an entirely desert planet. She is quite naive and too understanding of others, which often causes her to run into troublesome situations and be taken advantage of, which lended the need for the protective, on-hand servants that her father hired to keep watch over her tendencies. Due to being in a constant state of boredom thanks to her strict palace life, Princia often sneaks out of her home with her servants and journeys to different planets across the galaxy with them. Upon arriving on Earth during one of these outings, she noticed an F-Zero race underway and was instantly entranced by the sport. She immediately decided to enter the upcoming Grand Prix at that point, having a machine built for her, the Spark Moon, by her servants (since it's a hopeless venture to talk Princia out of anything once she sets her mind to it). As would be obvious, Princia is only entering this race for the sake of the thrills and adventure it provides, admitting that she isn't the best pilot out there.


Super Smash Bros. Universe

Princia Ramode appears as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Universe. However she must be unlocked before she can become playable. Like her fellow F-Zero pilots, Princia can call out for the Spark Moon for her Final Smash. In addition, the Spark Moon can be spotted racing on the Mute City stage, even if Princia is fighting.

F-Zero U

Princia Ramode returns as a playable character once again in F-Zero U. Due to the fact that F-Zero U takes place 10 years after F-Zero GX, Princia is now 29 years old. She also seems to have become wiser, more mature, and more intelligent compared to her first appearance. Her machine, the Spark Moon has been rebalanced to play in a similar fashion to the Blue Falcon.

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