Princess Viola Anika Toadstool is the daughter of Mario and Peach and the sister of Prince Daniel and Princess Tilly. Viola is the first born child of Mario and Peach and is the oldest child in Descendants and also the first playable character in the said game.


Viola has brown hair just shorter than her shoulders with a blonde streak across her side swept bangs. Viola's eyes are a crystal blue and her skin is very pale. She has a calf length violet dress with low shoulder straps. Her shoes are a darker shade of violet and they have amethyst jewels on them, she has an amethyst necklace and a tiara adorned with various purple gemstones.


Viola is a quiet and monochrome character, she isn't very talkative and is usually silent. She never smiles and doesn't do well in social situations. Viola's gender identity plays a big part in her depression and anxiety.


  • Viola is a transgender girl, this means she was assigned male at birth.
    • Her birth name was Victor, she chose the name Viola due to her playing of the instrument, the Viola.
  • She is inspired by Team-Eva (tbc)'s sister, Sylvia.
    • Sylvia is also a transgender girl, who chose her name because of her love of Silver.
    • Viola is also mildly inspired by Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family.

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